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Introduction Ebo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2006, has more than a hundred of industrial wastewater treatment projects experience and provides solutions for over 1.5 million cubic meters of wastewater every day. EBO's patented technologies have been recognized by global market. We provide high quality solutions for industrial parks, printing and dyeing, chemical manufacturing, paper making, food, leather, aquaculture, slaughter, petrochemical, and domestic wastewater treatment to worldwide customers.


EBO-UHASB Upflow Hydrolytic Acidification Sludge Blanket
EBO-UHASB is the efficient anaerobic reactor which converses the insoluble refractory organics into the soluble simple organics to improve the biodegradability of wastewater and reduce the subsequent system operation cost. It is set in the front of treatment process flow to solve issues such as non-compliance to discharge standard, high treatment cost, upgrading of the plant, etc.
EBO-HAT Hydrolytic Acidification Tower
EBO-HAT is an efficient reacter which is suitable for the low-concentration poisonous and harmful wastewater treatment. It reduces the concentration of pollutant in water and improves the biodegradability byhydrolysis, acidification and methanation of Anaerobic microorganisms. The advantages are saving energy and the land.
EBO Three-way Catalytic Oxidation Reactor
Using hydroxyl radical to oxidate the refractory organic pollutants in water, it combines fluidized bed, multi-materials catalyst and carrier coating technology, which effectively reduce COD and improve the overall system effluent quality. It is installed in the advanced treatment process in front of the final effluent to ensure the discharge can reach standards.

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