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Country Korea
Products Biochemical processes
Hall W2
Booth D69/C69
Introduction Ann stowe's research and development of air suspension centrifuge is the world's top energy conservation and environmental protection technology, use of permanent magnet motor, air suspension high-speed bearing, a number of core technology such as intelligent frequency converter of oil-free air suspended centrifuge, is now in South Korea, Japan, the United States, Europe, and other countries run successfully, widely used in sewage treatment, steel mills, chemical plants, power plants, food plants, textile mills, pharmaceutical factory and so on all walks of life.


Air Bearing BIower
Clear city headquarters is located in the republic of Korea, South Korea's famous blower manufacturing enterprises, to obtain certification of high-tech enterprises, the national institute Ann stowe bo is a few in the world with air suspension high-speed blower manufacture technology, design and production of high-speed permanent magnet motor is the only independent research and development of enterprises, has won the high-tech enterprise certification, excellent enterprise certification, as well as a number of leading industry of many 10 motor core patent certification, and export the European CE certification.

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