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Country China
Products Chemical-physical processes
Biochemical processes
Membrane processes
Protection, development and maintenance of water bodies
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Consulting and engineering services
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Booth G69/F69
Introduction The company possesses ISO9001:2008 quality certificate, and its products are awarded the title of “the First(Set)of Major Equipment Product of Jiangsu Province”, and have the hi-tech product certificates such as Water Purification Device, High Loading DAF, High Efficient DAF, and Thickening DAF issued by Jiangsu Province Science&Technology Department.The company wins the honors of Wuxi Famous Brand and National Torch Program Industrialization Demonstration Project, it is successively assessed as “Hi-tech Company”, “Wuxi AAA Trustworthy Enterprise ”.


HT-WPD TM Series-Water Purification Device
HT-WPD TM Series-Water Purification Device consists of high efficient eddy reactor and solid-liquid separating device.It can efficiently remove the inorganic substance particles,algae,colloidal substances,greases as well as organic(TOC,ammonia nitroge,PT,etc.)solid matters in water such as rivers,reservoirs,lakes,seawater and municipal sewage,preventing the phenomenon of black,smelly,water bloom,and having hte water filled with oxygen,reaching a perfect purifying effect on water quality.The equipment has high effluent quality with low consumption,cost saving,small footprint,and it is awarded the title of the First (Set) of Major Equipment Product of Jiangsu Province by Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission.
HTE water treatment device
As a purification dialysis of regional diversified water, HTE combined water purification device can be also worked as a movable & stationary targeted protection technology to reduce the water contents of organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient, suspended solids and algae, increase the dissolved oxygen content and liquidity, improve the water resource quality, and end the cyanobacteria, water blooms and black smelly phenomenon, relying on its patent technologies such as “nanometer grade bubble generating technology”, “subsurface capture-separation-purification technology”, “carrier adhesion facultative efficient microorganism advanced treatment technology”, the device makes up for the insufficient space limitation of the pure ecological restoration method, and it has a quick effect within a short-term as well as a long-term easy maintenance.
HT-ESM tm High Loading Sedimentator
HT-DAF tm Dissloved Air Flotation
HT-ETF tm Thickening Flotation

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