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Introduction Guangdong Maosheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is affiliated to Jiangxi Wuyuan Environmental Technology Group. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the whole industry chain operation service of VOCS organic waste gas, industrial dust treatment overall solution, design, production, installation and after-sales.


MS sintered board dust collector
The working principle and basic structure of the sintered plate filter are similar to those of the bag filter. However, since the filter element is made of a special sintered plate material, the dust collector (for example, bag dust removal) is manufactured with a conventional fiber filter. Compared with the device, the flat bag dust collector, the filter cartridge dust collector, etc., it has many unique advantages. The specific principle is that the dust-containing airflow enters the dust chamber of the middle tank through the deflector at the entrance of the dust gas, and the gas purified by the sintering plate is discharged through the fan. With the increase of dust on the surface of the sintered plate, the cleaning control system of the timing or differential pressure mode will automatically open the fast-open pulse valve to effectively remove the dust on the surface of the sintered plate by compressed air. The sprayed dust is discharged after being dropped into the ash bucket by the action of gravity.
MS molecular sieve adsorption and desorption equipment
Molecular sieves are classified into activated carbon molecular sieves and zeolite molecular sieves. Honeycomb zeolite molecular sieve is a high-efficiency molecular sieve carrier with good adsorption performance, no secondary pollution and high temperature regeneration. It has higher adsorption efficiency than similar adsorbents and is widely used in adsorption, separation and catalytic environment. It adapts to high air volume. Low concentration of organic waste gas treatment.
MS RTO regenerative incineration system
Regenerative incinerators (RTOs) are now more mature, more stable, and more efficient technologies. The lush regenerative incineration system handles toxic gases (HAPs), volatile organic gases (VOCs) and odors emitted from industrial processes. The RTO system uses high-temperature oxidation to remove exhaust gas, and converts the exhaust gas into carbon dioxide and water gas by controlling temperature, residence time, turbulence and oxygen amount, and recovers the heat released when the exhaust gas is decomposed, thereby achieving the dual purpose of environmental protection and energy conservation.

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