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Products Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Odour treatment
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Introduction Thermal Power Plant Engineering (TP), with technical staff experienced in the Environment / Energy fields as our core strength, will step up to the "Challenges of Thermal and Combustion Technology", and endeavor to provide beneficial results to society.
With "Man and nature live in harmony" as our motto, TP has brought products based on unique and novel technologies to market, such as Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer with concentratorrotary regenerative odor scrubbers, air-atomizing sludge incineration systems, direct-fired hot air generators and waste tire pyrolysis systems.


Rotating type regenerative thermal oxidizer ECO-RTO Siries
TP's RTO(Regenarative Thermal Oxidizor) has so far delivered a lot of environmental equipment as factory facilities in various industries.What we will introduce this time is the "ECO-RTO series" that evolved further based on our previous know-how.Our "ECO-RTO series" is an energy saving type RTO that can satisfy both economy※) and ecology while being high specification.(※Even in RTO of a small capacity, if it has a VOC concentration of 600ppm in terms of toluene, it self-combusts.)Two series of [Catalyst type]and [High temperature type] are available in this series, and we can offer types according to customer's request.Both types are adopting the air curtain system for the seal mechanism of the rotating part so that maintenance-free stable decomposition efficiency can be maintained over a long period of time.From the viewpoint of energy conservation, we stuck to [Self-burning] in particular, realizing a substantial reduction in running cost, and realizing a substantial reductionin initial cost by adopting a block construction method.We are preparing to exhibit [Concentrators] combined with RTO.On the day of the exhibition, we will show you demonstration unit in the outdoor exhibition space so we will inform you that you would like to see nearby.

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