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Air quality forecast and early warning system
Using the mainstream numerical prediction models (CMAQ, CAMX, wrf-chem, etc.) and statistical prediction model (neural network) to predict the future air quality trend in the region, integrating the latest data assimilation, ensemble prediction, in-depth learning and other advanced technologies, we independently developed the industry's advanced air quality prediction and early warning system, which can be at different levels of "provincial city district county" Customers of ecological environment monitoring system provide the best integrated solution in the industry.
Pollution source analysis system
The multi-dimensional source analysis technology system of atmospheric particulate matter is established, which integrates many kinds of pollutant source analysis methods such as receptor model, emission list and numerical model. It breaks through the inherent defects of single source analysis method, and comprehensively analyzes the source of atmospheric particulate matter from different dimensions of time, space and industry.
It realizes the visual analysis of all kinds of online environmental air and meteorological elements data, deeply excavates massive data such as environmental air composition, emission list and air mass source, and uses online source analysis technology to realize the time-by-time quantitative assessment of local and regional contribution of atmospheric particles, as well as the dynamic analysis of pollution transmission channel.
Simulation evaluation system of heavy pollution emergency emission reduction
Quantitative analysis of short-term and medium and long-term control measures emission reduction, sand table deduction of environmental quality improvement effect, selection of optimal control scheme, tracking and evaluation of implementation effect, in order to obtain the best emission reduction benefit with the minimum cost.
On the basis of the emergency plan for heavy pollution weather and the guarantee plan for major activities, a visual decision support system with the improvement of short-term air quality as the core is provided to quantitatively analyze the change of emission intensity of pollution sources under various control scenarios, and to select the best emergency management and control plan through a variety of scenario simulation.
Support at least 6 different emission reduction scenarios every day;
Emission reduction measures can support the control of individual enterprises;
Support emission reduction scenario;
Air pollution fine comprehensive control system
The system changes the existing supervision mechanism, and manages the pollution source management, pollution event management and supervision personnel through the grid management system.
The system is mainly divided into two management end, one is PC end, the main function modules are: grid patrol, command and dispatch, pollution source management, grid map management, assessment and evaluation, statistical analysis, environmental protection knowledge base, grid management, system management, etc. One is the mobile app. The main function modules are: on-site inspection, event reporting, task handling, information collection, environmental protection knowledge base, statistical analysis, personal center, etc.
Data comprehensive analysis system of air super station
Based on the instrument monitoring data of the super monitoring station of atmospheric environment, and integrating the multi-source data of conventional monitoring, meteorology, remote sensing and multi-dimensional environmental model algorithm of air composite pollution, it can provide professional analysis and visualization tools for particle composition analysis, photochemical pollution analysis and pollution transmission analysis, so as to maximize the value of the super station data and effectively support the pollution characteristics and success Because of the analysis, it provides important support for environmental management decision-making, governance effectiveness evaluation and major activity guarantee.
Air pollution comprehensive diagnosis and analysis service
Air pollution prevention and control diagnosis and analysis service is based on "precise analysis" and "precise management and control" as the service core. Through advanced equipment, accurate positioning of pollution sources, accurate analysis of pollution transmission, pollution components and pollution distribution are realized; numerical model technology is used to realize heavy pollution weather forecast, pollution transmission trajectory analysis, emission reduction assessment, etc. at the management and control decision-making level; expert team is used Effectively analyze and judge heavy pollution process, heavy pollution work scheduling, special report and other services, so as to make environmental management more intelligent; use our company's integrated management and control platform for air environment, to realize the fine supervision of "horizontal to side, vertical to bottom, no dead angle" of pollution sources.
A system for the compilation and management of pollution source emission list
According to the guidance for technical compilation of emission list, a set of standardized compilation methods, management system and operational management tools for emission list are provided to realize the collection of emission information of air pollution sources, inventory accounting, data quality control, visual analysis, dynamic update and model docking, so as to provide air quality prediction and early warning, heavy pollution emergency management and air quality compliance planning Core basic data support.
It can greatly improve the efficiency of inventory preparation and management, and provide support for air quality prediction, heavy pollution emergency assessment and air quality standard planning.
Integrated analysis system of atmospheric environment
The big data intelligent analysis and judgment system of atmospheric environment will quickly collect, comprehensively integrate, over limit alarm, intelligent analysis, in-depth Bureau digging, multi-dimensional display and on-demand sharing the air monitoring data of "sky and earth" of Environmental Protection Bureau with the data of meteorology, topography and pollution sources, form an integrated perception system, give full play to the value of data resources, provide support for management and decision-making, and provide basis for decision-making It is believed that the scientific level of decision-making and management will be further improved.
Electricity supervision system
The monitoring system of power consumption for environmental protection facilities of pollution discharge enterprises comprehensively uses big data technology and data analysis technology to clean and denoise a large amount of power data, establish data analysis model, and turn disorderly data into available data. According to the enterprise process, the enterprise production, pollution control correlation model and data alarm model are established, and the operation of production and pollution control and the implementation of production restriction and production reduction are analyzed and forewarned.

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