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Products Chemical-physical processes
Chemical-physical processes
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Introduction GEH Wasserchemie is the inventor and manufacturer of granular ferric hydroxide (GEH®). Today we are the world-leading provider of iron-based adsorbents for water treatment.
Developed for the selective removal of arsenic from drinking water, GEH® is today also used for many other applications. These include the treatment of mineral water, rainwater, surface water and waste water. In addition to arsenic, impurities like vanadium, uranium or phosphate can be removed.
We create project-specific designs including capacity estimation and advise on the construction and operation of adsorption systems.


Granular Ferric Hydroxide - GEH®
GEH® is an adsorbent, made up of pure granular ferric hydroxide. It is made in Germany and used in more than 2000 water treatment plants worldwide. GEH® was developed for arsenic removal in drinking water treatment. It is also used to remove vanadium, lead and phosphate in process waters or surface water. GEH® selectively removes pollutants, without altering the original water characteristics.

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