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IE expo 2015 Exhibitor Statements

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OH BA-O-RO, Director, KEPA, Korea:
“The Korean Pavilion has exhibited at IE expo for ten consecutive years. IE expo is growing bigger and more international. We are happy to see many more visitors at the Korean Pavilion than last year. Our representatives have been very busy introducing their products all day.”


Alex Chernushenko, Regional Director in China, EKOTON Industrial Group, Ukraine:
“Our goal during IE expo was to meet with as many customers as possible. About 30 percent of them were introduced by our representative company in Shanghai, but on the other hand we were very pleased to realize that there is a great deal of interest in our company among many visitors. Moreover, many of them were already quite familiar with our products, and we have had several in-depth discussions. Having taken part in many exhibitions in China by now, I can say that this one was both useful and well attended.”


Rüdiger Heidebrecht, Head of Department Training and International Cooperation, German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA–Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V.), Germany:
“Since the first IE expo in 2004, the exhibition continues to grow. It started out with one hall, and now there are five halls. The German Pavilion met with a lot of interest, and the exhibitors are very satisfied. The Technical Scientific Conference, which we organize together with our Chinese partner (NERC), met with a lot of interest, as well. The University Challenge focuses on a very important target group, as youth will create the future of China.”


Xuesong Hou, Deputy Secretary General, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, China:
“Through years of development, IE expo has become an important exchange and exhibition platform for the environmental industry in China and even in Asia. We are very glad to join in and support IE expo because the show plays a significant role in improving the environment in China.”


Yuanqing Hua, Chairman, Air Purifier Industry Alliance of China, China:
“IE expo is very popular with a lot of visitors. The show is quite professional and well planned. IE expo is not only a platform for displaying exhibits, but also one that can drive the communication and development of environmental technologies. The supporting conferences on various hot topics are very effective at spreading environmental ideas and benefiting people’s livelihood. We have had very good results this year and we will come again next year.”


Charles Kao, Vice Chairman, Taiwan Environmental Engineering Association, Taiwan:
“This is the sixth time that the Taiwan Pavilion has participated in IE expo. This year, the Taiwan Pavilion represents more exhibitors and has attracted more visitors. We are even running out of promotional leaflets and barely have time to print more. In response to the stimulus policies, the environmental market in mainland China has grown rapidly. We want to attract customers who are concerned about the cost-performance ratio and bring our equipment from Taiwan to mainland China. Compared to the last year, our exhibition space is bigger and we expect our membership to grow by 50 percent next year. At the same time, we have been able to find more new information and ideas at a trade show like this. And it is a great opportunity for communication across the straits. That is one of the reasons that we are here every year.”


Xiaolei Li, Marketing Communications Manager, Xylem (China) Co., Ltd., USA:
“As the leading environmental trade show in Asia, IE expo is always our focus. This year we met a lot of visitors, many of whom were our target customers in industrial production, civil engineering and environmental protection. The number of visitors from Eastern China has increased a lot. IE expo always boasts the most comprehensive collection of valves, and this is the main reason why we are here.”


Bingqiang Lin, Director, Shanghai Shenjia Sanwa Co., Ltd, China:
“We take part in IE expo every year and I feel it is even bigger this year, especially in the sector for solid-waste treatment. The size and installation of our booth is bigger and better than before. The flow of visitors at our booth is satisfying. We met many customers and investors from the coastal areas. They are our exact targets. The visitor quality at IE expo is always good. This year, many foreign customers came to us with specific projects, seeking cooperation. We are a loyal exhibitor at IE expo and have always made big deals here, so we will definitely come again next year.”


Heng Lin, Marketing Manager, Beijing GeoEnviron Engineering & Technology, Inc., China:
“This year, IE expo is not only bigger, it also has clearer division of the exhibition sectors. Last year we only exhibited in the solid-waste area, and this year we showcased products from all of our sectors. In addition, our booth has grown from two shell schemes (24 square meters) last year to a 120-square-meter booth with good decorations. It shows our great expectation and trust in IE expo. At IE expo 2015, we met many customers from China and abroad, especially those from Eastern and Southern China. They are exactly who we are looking for in the fields of solid-waste treatment, sewage treatment and restoration of environment. We are very satisfied with the results this year.”


Qin Liu, Marketing Communication Manager, Endress+Hauser Shanghai Automation Equipment Co., Ltd, Germany:
“We are exhibiting at IE expo for the first time. The visitor and exhibitor quality are both good. Feedback from the sales staff is positive. Many of the visitors had the right background and interests to be potential customers. One of our sales staff mentioned that he had 20 customers today, old and new. IE expo has made a great effort in visitor promotion in specific sectors. The show's results are very satisfying this year, and we are considering expanding our booth next year.”


Hui Ma, Deputy Secretary-General, China Environment Chamber of Commerce, China:
“This is our fourth time participating in IE expo. We have witnessed its continuous growth throughout the years. Exhibitors are now from a wider range of industrial sectors, and the international pavilions are expanding. The environmental industry in China is experiencing rapid growth, so we need a platform where we can exhibit our solutions and connect with our foreign counterparts. IE expo is an important part of such a platform. Both in terms of attendance and exhibition space, the show has been the leading environmental technology show in China. We will always support IE expo.”


Michael Markus, Export Manager, HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH, Germany:
“We have been taking part at IE expo since 2006 and have gained many interesting new contacts here. The exhibition has met our expectations completely, and we are very satisfied.”


Shenling Miao, CEO, Avian Machinery Group, Australia:
“We participate in IE expo every year. The show is becoming bigger and bigger. Several years ago, the booth we booked was only 12 square meters in size. This year's stand had 168 square meters, making it the biggest in Hall N5. IE expo has given us a very good platform for finding our target customers and exploring new markets.”


Torsten Narawitz, Head of Sales, Oilex GmbH, Germany:
“We are taking part at IE expo for the second time and made over 70 qualified contacts on the first day already. Our booth is highly frequented and we are very satisfied with the visitors. The exhibition is very important for our future business in China.”


Marc Osterwald, Managing Director, Gebrüder Heyl Vertriebsgesellschaft für innovative Wasseraufbereitung mbH, Germany:
“The frequency of visitors is really high. They come from different sectors and have very professional contact persons with very profound expertise and interest. Students as well as companies visit our booth. We decided to exhibit a new product for the first time at IE expo in Shanghai, and the interest is very high. When looking at the exhibitions that we take part in worldwide, IE expo is the most attractive.”

Boxiao Qin, Sales Manager, Tomra Sorting Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Germany:
“At IE expo 2015, we met a lot of customers, old and new. They came with specific projects and asked us about technological solutions. We also consulted with several visitors about household garbage treatment. A large number of target customers from China came to our booth. We also met many customers from Russia, Taiwan, Europe, Southern Asia and Southeast Asia.”


Thomas Schlien, CEO, UTV AG, Germany:
“We are very satisfied with the frequent flow of customers at our booth. We have gained many qualified contacts, and personal contact with our visitors is very important to us. IE expo is very significant for the Chinese market. We will take part again next year.”


Jakob Stiefel, Member of the Executive, Jakob Stiefel Technik AG, Switzerland:
“We are taking part in IE expo for the first time and think it is a very vivid exhibition. We have already had several interesting talks and gained qualified contacts, which are very important to us because of our business focuses on the Asian market.”


Jan Talkenberger, Manager International Sales, Binder GmbH, Germany:
“We got off to a very good start at IE expo 2015. China continues to be the most important market in Asia for us, and we are happy that IE expo 2015 is a great success again.”


Prof. Jingwei Wang, Director, Shanghai Cooperative Centre for WEEE Recycling, China:
“There are more exhibitors at IE expo–the show is getting bigger every year. Many foreign enterprises in particular are concerned about environmental issues in China. After the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, China is determined to strengthen its ecological environment construction. So there is a great potential market in air-pollution control, equipment R&D, soil treatment and the utilization of solid waste. IE expo is a bridge that allows the industry to exchange related information and technologies. It is amazing how IE expo makes it possible to get so much information at a single place in a short period of time. The supporting conferences at IE expo were very well organized and provided us with the most cutting-edge information.”


Zhenlian Xia, Manager, Chinaust Group, China:
“IE expo 2015 has developed many programs and launched some intense promotions. It has expanded to five halls and covers a wide range of categories in the environmental industry. We have exhibited for two consecutive years. IE expo is a very good platform that allows us to showcase products and services.”


Liang Xiong, General Manager, CNOOC EnerTech-Safety & Environmental Protection Co., China:
“IE expo is a great opportunity for us to observe technological progress of the industry in China. We took this chance to find out what our counterparts are doing and we learned quite a lot here. Moreover, face-to-face communication offered better customer experiences, which helped us to find more strategic partners and customers to fulfill our market plans. We met a lot of visitors here, many from overseas like Europe and America. IE expo is a busy exhibition, which reflects the booming environmental industry in China. IE expo has a positive influence on the industry's development.”


Gang Xu, Vice-General Manager, Shanghai Chenghuan Water Management Co., Ltd, China:
“We met more customers at this year's IE expo than we have in the past. Many famous third-party operators and Chinese equipment manufacturers are involved, which proves that IE expo is a high-quality trade show.”


Qian Xu, CEO, BioMintec Environment, China:
“We participated in IE expo for the first time in 2015, and the results are well beyond our expectations. IE expo is a leading environmental platform in China. We will keep a close eye on it. IE expo is not only a trade platform. For us, it is more of a chance to express the most important values of the environmental industry. We got a great deal of attention at IE expo 2015, and many customers showed great interest in our products and expressed their willingness to stay in contact and collaborate in the future.”


Jie Zhang, Grundfos Pumps (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Denmark:
“IE expo 2015 is very successful. Its pre-show promotion was sufficient and attracted many visitors. We have built up good relations with many target customers at the show. We are very satisfied.“


Ruirui Zhang, SUEZ environment Asia, PR & Communications Director, France:
“We are here for the fourth time because IE expo is the most competitive show of its kind. Many major water-affairs groups and environmental giants are here, so it is a great opportunity to exchange ideas with our counterparts. This time we brought our subsidiary brands with us to the exhibition and invested more in promotion and exhibition space. At IE expo 2015, we met visitors from all over the world, especially some high-quality ones from the Yangtze River Delta region. The show surpassed our expectations by far. We wish IE expo continued success, and we believe it will become an indispensable event for the environmental industry.”


Weiming Zhang, General Manager, Shanghai Shengjian Enviro System Tech Co., Ltd, China:
“IE expo is a large-scale event that covers a wide range of categories. We were extremely busy at the show and had great talks with technology managers and partners. IE expo is a very good platform that allows us to exhibit and learn from others. It is a great opportunity to get to know technologies, businesses, market trends and our competitors. This is our first time exhibiting here, but we plan to participate in more supporting conferences next year.”


May Zhou, Product Sales Manager, Colasit Asia Pte Ltd, Switzerland:
“We consider IE expo an important opportunity to talk with potential customers face to face. Our business focuses on the Chinese market, so Shanghai is the perfect location for us.”


Tian Zhuang, Direct Manager, Shanghai Masteck Environment Co., Ltd, China:
“This is our second time participating in IE expo. The trade show is getting bigger each year. More leading exhibitors in air-pollution control are gathered here. We met many visitors from different backgrounds. Our partners, like engineering companies, were also very active. Visitor quality is very high. IE expo is more than just a chance to exhibit. For us, it is also a place to promote our corporate image to the market and to society. We have fantastic results.“


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