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Exhibitor Statements IE expo 2016

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Christoph Atzwanger, CEO, Ecomaster Atzwanger, Italy:

“We are exhibiting at IE expo for the first time and we are pleased with the number of visitors and the exhibitors interested in us.”


Nicola Bertolini, International Business Development Manager, Ambiente, Italy:

“It’s our first experience at an international exhibition. We believe that IE expo is well suited to our aim in internationalizing our business, giving us the opportunity to get to know the environmental technology market in China.”


Ping Cao, Chairman, Shenzhen ZONHR Environmental Protection Engineering, China:

“IE expo is undoubtedly the biggest environmental trade show in Asia. We are very grateful for having such a platform to find our target customers. Sometimes we were too busy to receive all of them at once. The visitors were here to search for environmental technology or to find a match for their projects, so they were mostly our target clients. We want to find more partners through IE expo and grow together with them.”


Pierre-Jean Charnay, General Manager, SID Machinery (Beijing), Switzerland:

“Despite the economic slowdown in China, the solid waste sector, especially the industrial and hazardous waste sector, is going up. We participate at every IE expo and exhibit also at IFAT in Munich and IFAT India in Mumbai.”


Haopeng Chen, Director, Shenzhen Mingke Technology, Council Member of Shenzhen City Environmental Monitoring Industry Association, China:

“We organized 19 companies specializing in environmental monitoring to exhibit at IE expo 2016. The show is very impressive. There are lots of visitors. The exhibitors and products are also of high quality. We met our target customers, including those from environmental monitoring stations and food processing companies. In addition, the accompanying program we co-organized was well received by professional audiences who gave very good feedback. For the next show, we expect to book a larger booth and organize more companies to exhibit.”


Gongbi Cheng, CEO, Jiangsu Gaiya Environmental Technology, China:

“In our second exhibition here, we are fully aware of the influence and brand recognition that IE expo enjoys in the environmental industry. With the help of IE
expo, we may offer a clearer image to our target customers about what we are good at. This time, apart from an expanded booth, we are doing more in communication with our industry peers. We hope that, through IE expo, we will grow as a leader in technology.”


Rüdiger Dalhoff, Sales Director, Energy & Environment, Putzmeister Solid Pumps, Germany:

“We are participating at IE expo since its beginning in 2004. The quality of visitors is pretty good and we met a lot of potential new customers. We already talked specifics about some projects and noticed an increasing demand in the waste management and recycling sector.”


Xiaoqing Han, Chairman/CEO, Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Technology, China:

“We have exhibited at IE expo for two consecutive years. It is becoming more influential. We received a lot of customers, mainly from the manufacturing industry, the authorities and environmental companies. Our staff was always busy talking with customers about our technology and services.”


Rüdiger Heidebrecht, Head of Department of Training and International Cooperation, German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA–Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V.), Germany:

“Attractive booths from all sectors of environmental technology, very good organization, again more visitor quantity and quality from the whole of China and from the region and plenty of high-ranking conferences make IE expo Asia’s leading environmental technology show. A total of 23 exhibitors in the German Pavilion were absolutely satisfied. DWA technical and scientific sessions were fully booked with 120 participants each, which shows the relevance of the topics. At the 2nd University Challenge China in Water Technology, under the umbrella of DAAD, 16 teams with 54 students took part.”


Yujia Liu, Media Operation Director, Qingdao Laoshan Applied Technology Research Institute, China:

“This is our first exhibition at IE expo, and immediately we are aware of how important it is to the industry. We exhibit at several trade shows each year, and IE expo is the largest and most professional. IE expo has built a bridge between the domestic and international markets. We have also gained much from our communication with our foreign industry peers.”


Silvia Massimi, Program Manager, Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea, Italy:

“The Italian Pavilion is sponsored by the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea, with the aim to promote the cooperation between China and Italy in environmental protection. More than three major Italian engineering, procurement and construction companies were exhibiting at the Pavilion, as well as three manufacturing companies of machinery and equipment; the Consul General talked with the representatives of the companies, encouraging them in approaching the Chinese market.”


Xiaohua Mo, Chairman, Shanghai Qifeite Environmental Biotechnology, China:

“We are an old exhibitor here at IE expo. The exhibition is a very good way of communication and it is very big. The promotion of the show is well planned and a lot of visitors are here, including our peers and customers.”


Lie Qian, Marketing Manager, Xylem (China), USA:

“As a famous trade show, IE expo is very influential in the industry. We have exhibited at every IE expo. This year, we have met a lot of customers from different areas. Many of our distributors and partners are also here. We also joined in the accompanying forums, at which we introduced our new products and the results are beyond our expectations. The organization of the exhibition and the content of the forums are very impressive.”


Zhengyu Qin, Vice President, Beijing Scinor Membrane Technology, China:

“IE expo is highly professional and helpful. We exhibit at the trade show for the reason of promoting our brand. Via the excellent platform of IE expo, clients from all over China come to our booth to visit and learn more about our products. We are satisfied with the visitor quality, especially the visitors attending accompanying forums.”


Li Sun, Marketing Manager, Tengine Innovation (Beijing) Instruments, China:

“We have exhibited at every IE expo. This time we have expanded our booth to get better results. We think that IE expo is very professional, comparing to others. Not only are the exhibitors leading companies in the industry, but also the visitors are very professional. We received a lot of potential customers. It is a great pleasure to have IE expo as a platform to exhibit our brand and product, to find potential customers and to maintain old ones. We will come again next year and we have already booked for the IE expo in Guangzhou this year.”


Jianqiang Tian, General Manager Assistant/Strategic Marketing Director, Shanghai Techase Environment Protection, China:

“Since 2012, we have participated in IE expo. Our booth is always expanding, mainly because of the influence and brand recognition of IE expo in the environmental industry. Here we can provide our solutions to professional visitors and target customers. In the future, we hope to deeply involve into the accompanying programs, so as to close in on our foreign counterparts in international market.”


Marcel Viëtor, Consul, Head of Cultural and Press Affairs and Scientific Cooperation, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Germany:

“Germany has been the driving force in the development of environmental technologies for decades. Since the interest in the protection of the environment has also been growing steadily in China, we have much to offer to each other. Therefore IE expo, as a Sino-German joint venture, is the perfect platform.”


Caizhen Wang, Marketing Manager, Suhou Kenlan Environment Technology, China:

“IE expo is very important to the industry. Comparing to similar events, it has attracted the majority of leading players in our field. Almost every important brand is here. The high visitor number and quality are also the key reasons why we come back each year. The organization is superb, which clearly reflects the high standard of the show.”


Qian Wang, Marketing Manager, BMEI, China:

“As an old exhibitor at IE expo, we have witnessed the fast growth the exhibition made in recent years. This year’s exhibition is unprecedented. The scale and number of exhibitors have grown much. The visitors are very professional. IE expo has built a high-quality, all-round platform for the environmental industry in China. It is not only a great opportunity for the information exchanges between exhibitors and visitors, but is also helpful for the cooperation among exhibitors, helping them find more resources. The organization of the exhibition is excellent.”


Yuqing Wang, President, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, China:

“IE expo is a very good platform for the promotion of environmental products and technological communication. This year there are a lot of exhibitors from an extremely wide range of fields. The foreign exhibitors are especially active, which is a reflection of the fast growth and promising future of the environmental industry in China. A lot of forums are held along with the exhibition to help people learn about the advanced technologies and ideas. They are also essential for the communication between experts and entrepreneurs, a very important factor in the solution to environmental problems in China.”


Michael Warkus, Export Manager, HOMA Pump Technology, Germany:

“We started to exhibit at IE expo (former IFAT China) ten years ago. The show has grown along with the environmental market. We are optimistic about the future.”
Jinhu Xu, Deputy General Sales, Changzhou Tianxing Environmental Technology, China:
“I believe that IE expo is the most successful environmental trade show in China. We have participated in this exhibition every year and this year it is particularly outstanding. The visitor quality is very high this year. They come with very specific needs and problems, so we have made many valuable contacts.”


Qian Xu, CEO, BioMintec Environment (Shanghai), China:

“We have participated in IE expo several times and are always pleased with the fine organization of the exhibition. IE expo is a very good platform with a lot of high-quality visitors and exhibitors, where we can make new friends and acquire new clients. For those who work in the environmental industry, IE expo is the show they should not miss.”


Xiaoguo Yuan, Marketing Director, Beijing ENSA Engineering, China:

“IE expo is the most important trade fair for China’s environmental industry. The results we have made are ideal. The quantity of visitors meets our expectation, and the profile of visitors matches our target groups. We gained a lot from the frequent business talks with our customers. We plan to expand our booth by two or three times next year.”


Fan Zhang, Marketing Director, Harden Shredder Machinery, China:

“This is our fourth participation at IE expo. We are fully aware of its increasing influence throughout the years. IE expo not only offers a great platform for ideas exchanges with our peers, but also becomes the bridge between our target customers and us. This year, we received many visitors.”


Lijun Zhao, President, China Environment Chamber of Commerce, China:

“For all these years we have continued to support IE expo. We have also witnessed its continual growth in scale and influence. The exhibitors always come with new products, in addition to upgrading their booth design and size. All these show the strong growth of the environmental industry in China. IE expo

provides a very good platform for the industry, a chance to connect and communicate with each other.”


Ruiyin Zheng, Deputy General Manager of Water Operation Department, AnHui GuoZhen Environmental Protection Sci.&Tech., China:

“IE expo is very influential in the industry. This year there are a lot more visitors than the previous years. We receive a lot of customers, old and new, at the exhibition. They include chief engineers, presidents and general managers with backgrounds in environmental as well as other areas. We are very satisfied with IE expo and will come again next year.”


Boping Zhou, President, Kaitian Environmental Technology, China:

“We have participated in every IE expo. It is a very good platform. We have also received purchase requests from the authorities. IE expo is an important channel for us to promote our brand image, to meet leading partners here and abroad and to find our target customers.”



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