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Products Treatment of sludge and residues
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
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Introduction The company is a professional engaged in water supply and drainage, environmental protection machinery manufacturing comprehensive company, set R & D design, manufacturing sales, installation and commissioning, engineering construction as one. The company has rich experience in equipment manufacturing and engineering construction, and can provide customers with integrated quality services of design, installation, commissioning and operation management in the field of sewage treatment engineering, and is a professional environmental protection equipment manufacturer in China.


High speed shears
The high shear machine is the key equipment of magnetic powder recovery in the magnetic coagulation system. Through on-line continuous high-speed shear, the sludge containing medium is quickly shear dispersed, so that the medium is the most efficient recovery and utilization. The water inlet pipe is arranged in the lower part of the shear machine, and the optimal flow rate passes through the multi-layer shear impeller, so that the magnetic powder and sludge are completely shear and dispersed before entering the magnetic separator. It is convenient for the subsequent magnetic separator to recover the magnetic powder in the sludge and improve the recovery rate of magnetic powder.
Mud scraper drive
The central transmission device adopts a welded box, driven by the reducer through the gear to rotate the large diameter slewing support, the product is the crane support, can withstand the axial, radial force and overturning moment, long service life. The device is equipped with a safety pin as an over-torque protection device, and the output torque of the whole machine reaches 50000N.m.

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