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Company 青岛萤光创新科技有限公司
Country China
Products Environmental monitoring techniques and equipment
Hall E5
Booth F02
Introduction We 're composed of professionals engaged in UV industry for many years, specializing in the R&D and production of a new generation of highly sensitive UV sensors and application modules, and providing technical consultation and services related to UV sensing. The UV sensors produced have a series of performance advantages, such as high photocurrent, low dark current, fast response speed, etc., with a high cost performance, which can be widely used in environmental monitoring, UV curing, arc detection, UV disinfection monitoring, pollutant detection and flame detection and other fields.


GaN-based UV photodiode Model:GT-ABC-L
Evaluation circuit board:
A small multifunctional amplifier board for developers to simplify and support application development can be separately provided. The evaluation board with one amplifier channel supports both SMD- and TO-type packaged UV photodiodes supplied by GaNo Opto. Users could select one of the two mounting ports for UV photodiode evaluation, while both ports should not be used at the same time.
The evaluation board supports measurement range adjustment function via a dip switch. Different setting of the dip switch corresponds to different load resistance value, which determines the amplification magnitude of the signal processing circuit. A temperature sensor on board is used for embedded temperature compensation.
The UV photodiode evaluation board has both analog and digital output interface. Analog interface provides voltage signal as a function of UV illumination intensity, while digital interface provides serial communication to PC with direct digital output. A backside micro-USB port provides digital interface to PC with USB cable connection. Users could use serial communication host software in PC to receive direct measurement data from the evaluation board.
Note: The board is shipped without any photodiodes.
General Features:
Broad band UVA+UVB+UVC photodiode Photovoltaic mode operation TO-46 metal housing Good visible blindness
High responsivity and low dark current
Applications: UVindex monitoring, UVradiation dose measurement, flame detection

UV Sensor Probe Model: WP-UVx-F1/2-1y
General features:
sapphire window with wide field of view
Single power supply
Analog 0-5 V or 4-20 mA output
High sensitivity and proven reliability
ApplicationS: UV lamp monitoring, UV power measurement for waste/ballast water sterilization,UV curing process control, UV phototherapy monitoring
UV Sensor Probe Model: AP-UVx-2y
General features:
Compact package with sapphire window
Single power supply
Analog 0-5V or 4-20mA output
High sensitivity and proved reliability
Applications: Radiant intensity measurement for UV curving, UV sterilization monitoring

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