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Introduction Henan Changran iot Technology Company focuses on the development and production of intelligent and high-precision physical (liquid) level sensors. The main products are: Intelligent capacitive boiler level gauge, automatic calibration universal object (liquid) level gauge, aircraft level sensor, intelligent capacitive high-precision automobile level sensor, pressure, temperature, vibration sensor, power system safety monitoring sensor, industrial Internet of Things system.


capacitance level transducer
CR-605 series intelligent capacitive liquid level meter, suitable for sewage, oil (protective casing), high viscosity, easy crystallization, easy adhesion, media change, foam or aerosol influence and other difficult to measure occasions. The whole machine has no movable or elastic parts, impact resistance, easy installation, high reliability, high precision, good cost performance. It can replace RF admittance, radar, ultrasonic, magnetostriction and other level meters for accurate measurement of various media. The core components of the product are converted into standard electrical signals by the advanced RF capacitor detection circuit through accurate temperature compensation and linear correction by the internal processor. The product adopts tomography technology to automatically detect dielectric constant and temperature change of the medium, automatically calibrate and automatically adapt to the measured medium. In any case, it can be adapted to different measurement requirements in a variety of complex sites without re-calibration. And has excellent anti-hanging material, anti-condensation, anti-bubble and other super adaptability. Long-term, stable measurement in harsh environments.
Products comply with GB3836.4-2010 "Explosive environment Part 4 by intrinsically safe"; "Protected equipment" and GB3638.1-2010 "Explosive environment Part 1 equipment general requirements", explosion-proof mark :Exia II CT6Ga, and by the National explosion-proof Electrical products Quality Inspection Center inspection, obtain explosion-proof certificate, number :CNEx16.1058.
CR-609 Capacitive level switch
This is a kind of radio frequency capacitive level switch without debugging, because of the use of a special chip and a unique algorithm designed by itself, combined with the built-in double electrodes to realize the self-recognition of the capacitive level switch to the environment; It has the function of self-setting of running parameters, so as to realize the "fool" operation by pressing a button to complete the operation. Fully reflects the perfect combination of high quality and easy operation! It is not only suitable for the liquid level control of oil, water, sewage, acid, alkali and other materials, but also suitable for the level control of granular, powdered and other materials. The sensor shape is rod type, the external material is polytetrafluoroethylene, which has high reliability.
CR6029 Ultra-low temperature liquid level sensor
CR6029 series capacitive liquid level sensor is a special sensor for the measurement of ultra-low temperature liquid gas level such as wave state C02, liquid nitrogen and LNG. Based on RF capacitance measurement technology, the product outputs RS485 or 4-20mA continuous standard signals for precise liquid level measurement and control in specific situations.
CR-603 boiler drum level gauge
CR-6033 intelligent boiler level meter is an economical boiler level meter designed for small and medium-sized boilers. Products based on RF capacitance measurement technology, output 4-20mA continuous standard signal, for small and medium-sized boiler drum level accurate measurement and control. The liquid level meter integrates high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and fluctuation resistance. The military equipment is used in the transmission part to make the signal output more stable and reliable. The liquid level gauge has the advantages of simple installation, small maintenance, accurate measurement and control, and high cost performance. It is an ideal replacement product for traditional differential pressure, electrode and magnetic turnover type liquid level gauges.

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