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Country China
Products Membrane processes
Hall E3
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Introduction Founded in December 2022, JL New Materials (Changshan) Co., Ltd. has been honed for 15 years since its inception in Germany, and has completed a number of projects in Europe and China for industrial use. We have a professional R&D team with rich experience and technological innovation, and have won many awards such as [Third Generation Semiconductor "Core" Ecology Special Competition] Innovation Award and [2021 Zhongguancun International Frontier Science and Technology Innovation Competition] Grand Final Top Ten Award in the competitions since our establishment.


Diamond Membrane Electrodes
In terms of electrodes can be used not only for sewage treatment, but also for new energy, smart grid and other industries; Membrane treatment of knives, accessories can be used in aerospace, aviation, automotive, electronics, robotics, rail transport, precision machine tools, sensors, military industry, chemical industry and many other fields.

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