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Introduction Shaanxi Nuoying Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of industrial automation instruments and providing Internet of things solutions.It has established long-term technical cooperation with more than 20 universities and scientific research institutions.Obtained a number of qualification certificates. Products are widely used in thermal power generation, polysilicon, environmental protection water treatment, petrochemical, coal chemical, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, food medicine and other industries.


NYRD-Radar Level Meter
Radar Level Meter due to the higher frequency of millimeter wave than Ku-band radar, it has important applications in long-distance target detection, strong smoke and dust environment, long-distance imaging, multi-spectral imaging, etc., and can detect targets smaller than microwave radar and achieve more accurate positioning, with higher resolution and stronger confidentiality.
Weiba Flowmeter
The Velocity Tube Verba flow sensor is a high-precision measuring instrument based on the Pitot tube velocity measurement principle, using the principle of aerodynamics, and supplemented by wind tunnel experiments. It is a differential pressure, rate average flow sensor. The flow is measured by the difference between the average total pressure and the static pressure of the sensor in the fluid (ie, the pressure difference between the high and low pressure ends). It is often used to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam.
Differential pressure transmitter
NY3051 series inteligent differential pessure/pressure transmiter is an intelligent field instrument conforming to HART protocol. Theoriginal imported diaphragm is used in the design, and the microprocessor and HART communication circuit are used, which can carry out two.way communication with any host computer software that supports the HART communication protocol or 475 and other hand-held devices thaconform to the HART communication protocol, and has a $-digit smart number. The liquid crystal display can display the differentialpresure/pressure value, output curent value and output percentage value on site. It is very convenient to debug, realizes the digital andintelligent functions of the transmiter, and is compatible with the traditional 4-20mA analog output sienal so that it can be used in diferensituations. In the case of changing the control system, the exchange with the analog watch can be realized.
NYYCUK-Tuning fork level switch
NYYCUK tuning fork level switch is a general-purpose liquid level limit switch. The tuning fork is excited by the piezoelectric crystal to generate vibration. When the tuning fork is immersed in liquid or solid, the vibration frequency changes, and the frequency change is detected by the
electronic circuit as a switch. The tuning fork type liquid level limit switch is not affected by the dielectric constant, turbulence, agitation, bubbles, vibration and other factors, and has no moving parts, so no maintenance and adjustment are required. It is an ideal choice for liquid level switches
under complex working conditions. The smart chip can be used as an oil-water interface switch.
Wedge flowmeter
Wedge flowmeter is a flow meter that measures flow by a V-shaped throttling element. Its rounded top angle is downward, which is conducive to the smooth passage of liquids containing suspended particles or viscous liquids, and will not produce stagnation upstream of the throttling member. 500mPa·S, used for flow measurement of slurry, mineral pulp, sand-containing crude oil, sewage, heavy oil, residual oil and other liquid media containing solids, such as suspension and low Reynolds number, and also used for flow measurement of gas and steam media. This product is
used for various gases, especially for the flow metering of dirty gas and natural gas.

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