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Company 迪扬过滤系统(昆山)有限公司
Country China
Products Dust removal
Ultra low emission technology
Hall E3
Booth G66
Introduction  Dyang Filtration System (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech production enterprise specialising in the production, research and development, design, sales and service of high-end filter products.
 The company was established in 2008. The factory is located in Kunshan City, Yangtze River Delta, with an area of 6,000 square metres.
 Since its establishment in 2008, the company has become a professional manufacturer of high-end filter products in China. The company introduces and develops advanced filter cartridge production technology and processing equipment, such as: 3-metre filter cartridge folding machine, Japanese imported high temperature resistance glue dispensing machine, new hot melting strapping welding machine, welding machine with internal positioning of filter cartridge, new welding net reel, etc. Our company has an annual output of 380,000 filter cartridges with various shapes and and materials. They are customised according to different requirements of customers, such as: three-ear aluminum cover filter cartridges, square cover filter cartridges, stepping-in filter cartridges, vertebral filter cartridges, oval filter cartridges, HV wood pulp paper filter cartridges, nano wood pulp paper filter cartridges, antiflaming filter cartridges, anti-static (explosion-proof) filter cartridges, oil-proof and waterproof filter cartridges, etc.
 The simple plastic cover filter cartridge and high temperature resistance filter cartridge have been independently developed. Due to the convenient installation and disassembly, the simple plastic cover filter cartridge has been successfully applied in the national air separation industry that has been greatly praised by users. It’s the first high temperature resistance filter cartridge developed by the company in China that has been put on the market. It can withstand 220℃ at normal temperature and has been widely used in food, pharmaceutical, steel, machinery and other industries, with dozens of national patents.
 The company's self-developed filter cartridge production process that includes filter cartridge internal anti-wear and filter material positioning process has been widely used in various industries for more than ten years, effectively extending the service life of the filter cartridge in harsh working conditions.
 Dyang is committed to the environmental protection industry, taking "respecting heaven and loving people" as the responsibility, and making unremitting efforts for our environment and the earth!


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