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Introduction The ProMinent is the world's leading specialist in precision fluid metering, water treatment equipment and technical solutions. ProMinent Shanghai is the Group's wholly owned subsidiary in China. With the concept of "Global Network, Local Expertise", Prometric provides customers with greater efficiency and safety through continuous innovation of product and service capabilities and industry solutions. Application areas: municipal/public drinking water, wastewater/pool water treatment, water treatment plants, food and beverage, petroleum and petrochemical, lithium, etc.



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Intelligent Agricultural Drinking Water Purification System
Intelligent agricultural drinking water purification system integrates a number of functions such as pretreatment, depth filtration, disinfection and automatic detection of water quality, configured with precise electromagnetic metering pumps for stable disinfectant dosing (dosing accuracy is better than ±1%), and PLC full-automatic control is realized through accurate control parameters such as monitoring instrumentation and detection sensors to ensure that it meets the requirements for the use and supply of drinking water for rural life.
Electrolysis sodium hypochlorite generator
The Electrolytic Sodium Hypochlorite Generator is a compact, on-site electrolysis unit that prepares a hypochlorite solution with a low chlorate content by means of table salt and electrical energy.
The Sodium Hypochlorite Generator combines the technology of an open electrolyzer with an innovative compact design. It is possible to process and produce high quality sodium hypochlorite solutions while ensuring a low consumption of electrical energy and salt.
In addition, the special design of the tank structure allows for a chlorine concentration of 8 g/l and a chlorate content of the product that is significantly lower than the limit values of the EN 901 norm. The plug-and-play solution makes the unit ready for use and allows even untrained operators to operate the system safely.

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