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Introduction LANSHEN GROUP CORP., LTD., founded in 1958, is a backbone enterprise of national environmental protection and a state-level high-tech enterprise. As the first manufacturer of submersible sewage pumps and agitators in China, after years of development, it has formed a batch production capacity of pumps, water treatment machinery sets, mining equipment and high and low voltage electronic control products, and can produce more than 70% of the equipment of sewage plants and pumping stations by itself.


WQ submersible sewage pump
WQ submersible sewage pump is a product developed by the company on the basis of absorbing the advanced technology of the famous pump company in Germany. It has high starting point, obvious energy-saving effect, strong matching and wide applicability. It has been listed as a key imported digestive product by the former National Machinery Commission.
Submersible mixer
The impeller is optimized by CFD and has high efficiency. The swept blade has self-cleaning function, which can prevent foreign matters from winding and blocking. The blade is made of polyurethane material, light weight, stable performance in sewage medium and good wear resistance.
Pusher submersible
Low speed push flow series mixer is suitable for aeration tank and anaerobic tank of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. It can produce strong flow with low tangential flow, and can be used for water circulation in tank and water flow creation in nitrification, denitrification and dephosphorization stages.
Hyperboloid mixer
It is suitable for mixing and mixing of liquid and liquid, liquid and solid, liquid and gas in environmental protection, chemical industry, energy, light industry and other industries, especially in sewage treatment engineering and water purification engineering.
Vacuum washing equipment
The internal storage water can be used to flush the pool, no external water supply and no equipment in the pool, no need to enter the pool for maintenance, and the operation and maintenance is simple.
Mainly used in sewage treatment plants and pumping stations, can meet the application of large flow. No need to clean up the waste and break it up in water. It can not only protect water treatment equipment, but also avoid odor leakage. It has excellent crushing performance, overload protection function, safe and reliable operation and automatic control.
Rotary disc filter
Rotary disc filter is one of the most advanced filters in the world. Its filtering accuracy ranges from 10 to 100 microns, which can replace traditional filters. For advanced treatment of sewage, total solid suspended matter can be removed, phosphorus and heavy metals can be removed with chemical agents.
ZQB Submersible Axial Flow Pump
Submersible Axial Flow Pump is a renewal product of traditional pump-motor unit. It can be operated in water for a long time. It can be used for irrigation of farmland, construction of industrial and mining docks and drainage of power stations. It is suitable for low head and large flow situations.

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