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Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
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Introduction In 2002, the company had initially passed the ISO9001:2000 QMS certificate. .On March 15th, 2014, the company declared “Zibo City Screw Vacuum Pump Engineering Technology Center", "Hefei University of Technology - Bozhong Vacuum Production & Study & Research Base" formally founded. At present, Bozhong won 23 national practical new patent certificates and 8 invention patent certificates. In 2017, the company passed the Intellectual property management system certification .


MVR evaporation system
MVR evaporator is the abbreviation of Mechanical Vapor Recompression. MVR re-uses the secondary steam energy produced by its own, thereby reducing the demand for external energy. Early in the 1960s, Germany and France have successfully applied this technology in chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, sewage treatment, seawater desalination and other industries. Its working process is compressing low temperature steam by the compressor, raising temperature and pressure, increasing enthalpy and entering into heat transfers for condensation, to make full use of steam latent heat. In addition to drive start, the whole evaporation process needs no steam.

MVR Enrichment System
Traditional Chinese medicine concentration,alt wastewater concentration and crystallization
2BV series water ring vacuum pumps are suitable for pumping the gases and steam. Its suction pressure can reach 33mbar (abs) (i.e. 97 % vacuum degree). When the liquid ring vacuum pumps work under the condition near the limited vacuum for a long time, it is necessary to couple with the cavitation protection pipe in order to get rid of the screaming and protect the pump. If used as a compressor, its pressure is up to 0.26MPa (absolute pressure).
2BW series water ring vacuum pump closed loop system
To shorten the installation period of the customer to use the whole set of the system which includes the pump, separator, heat-exchanger, frame and pipeline etc.
To decrease the environment pollution efficiently while the working liquid is the various solvent.
If use the pumping medium as a working fluid, pumping medium by recycling.

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