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Products Membrane processes
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Introduction Jiarong has more than 10 years experiences in membrance separation process.Our expertise is in treating diffcult wastewater and improving industrial separation processes with customized membrance process ranging from microfiltration to reverse osmosis, from tubular membranes,flat sheet membrane to special design sprial wound membranes.


Container Leachate Treatment Equipment
The containerized system is particularly effective for leachate treatment and is a popular choice among customers,as it si edeal for long-distance transportation with exceptionally short delivery time.The system is highly mobile and simple to use. Only water,drainage and power supply need to be installed and connected for the container to function.This requires reduced equipment construction needs for our customers and once connecte,has a fully automatic operation.
The Disc-tube Reverse Osmosis membrane system (DTRO Series)
Our effective DTRO system is specially designed for treatment of highly contaminated wastewater, such as leachate or pharmaceutical wastewater.This system functions independently and automatically.We have installed more than 100 such systems worldwide with a remarkable reputationg for quality and service.
Leachate Zero Liquid Discharge Technology
Landfill Transfer Station Leachate Treatment Technology
The Tubular Uitrafiltration Membrane System (TUF Series)
Xiamen Jiarong Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the tube membrane technology of German MEMOS Company in 2009. At present, it is the only formal partner of Xiamen Jiarong Technology Co., Ltd. in China. With more than ten years of experience in industrial membrane separation technology, Jiarong will provide customers with MEMOS tubular membrane application process development, engineering design, complete sets of equipment and other services.
Founded by Dr. Guender and Dr. Gross, Germany MEMOS is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development and manufacture of tubular membranes. Its innovative tubular membranes are widely used in material filtration, juice clarification and filtration, membrane bioreactor (MBR), landfill leachate treatment, oil-water separation and other fields. Up to now, it has hundreds of Engineering cases.

Product characteristics
Innovative Design of Replaceable Membrane Components
Save the cost of membrane replacement, stainless steel membrane shell can be reused
Maintenance is simple and user can change it on site.
When a single branch module has problems, it will not affect the operation of the whole system.
Personalized design, you can customize the membrane components according to your needs
Product Innovation
MEMOS company has been committed to the development and improvement of tubular membrane products. In the process of cooperating with Jiarong's engineering project, it constantly improves according to the customer's usage and problem feedback.

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