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Introduction Yixing XinLang environmental protection Co., Ltd. is engaged in water treatment equipment manufacturing professional environmental protection company, with modern standard workshop and advanced machinery manufacturing and supporting production equipment. The company can provide automatic dosing device, activated carbon dosing system,sludge dewatering machine, sludge dryer and other equipment for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning one-stop service, equipment widely used in municipal, chemical, electric power, textile, manufacturing industry wastewater and sludge treatment.


Full-automatic Preparation Device
PAM preparation device is a automatic dosing machine to preparate and dose the solution of PAM continuity. It uses the powder as a raw material to complete the mixing and compounding of PAM continuously and efficiently, resulting in a homogeneous and activated solution of PAM .
Sludge centrifuge dehydrator
LWZ horizontal spiral discharge settling / filtering centrifuge is a new type of compound centrifugal filter. Its structure is mainly composed of two parts: settlement area and filtration area. After the slurry enters the settlement area of the centrifuge, the solid and liquid phase are separated and separated by the centrifuge. The liquid phase is discharged from the large end of the drum, and the solid phase is transported to the filter area of the small end by the spiral feeder. Feeding, separating, discharging and discharging are automatically completed continuously.
Sludge Dryer
Sludge dryer use a densely packed wedge blade, double axis layout and targeted process design, completely overcome the difficulties in sludge drying, it can be drying of all kinds of sludge with steam or heat conduction oil as heat source, thermal efficiency reached more than 95%,it's the lowest cost of sludge treatment dryer. Through the drying (decrement) of the dryer, the sludge moisture content can be decreased to 10%, and the volume of the sludge can be reduced more than 5 times and to become relatively stable powder granular material. Sludge dryer remove volatile organic compounds by drying, and the dry sludge is good to be burned, buried or others.
Sludge silo with sliding frame
The slide frame is designed at the bottom of the silo, and the sliding frame is driven by the hydraulic station. When the unloading conveyor is unloaded, the sliding frame does the reciprocating movement back and forth in the bottom of the silo. The sludge is broken into the arch to smooth the sludge inside the silo into the unloading screw, and then the sludge is discharged to the transportation vehicle by the discharge knife gate valve. The silo system of the sludge bin can effectively improve the discharging speed, reduce the mud concentration in the sludge bin, and improve the utilization efficiency of sludge silo.
Concentration integrated belt filter press
This product introduced Europe's latest technology,has notable features like great handling capacity, high dewatering efficiency, small occupation area and long service life.The equipment's material is 304 stainless steel,high polymer and nonmetal material wear-resisting bearing,better corrosion resistance,and longer service life.High quality filters and stainless steel self-cleaning nozzle,ensure the high performance and high quality of the machine.The model represent the latest and the most advanced technology of sludge dehydration.
Activated carbon dosing system
The appearance of PAC is dark black powder, insoluble in water, with well-developed pores. It has good adsorption capacity for chroma, odor, benzene, phenols, pesticides, herbicides, petroleum, silver, mercury, antimony, tin and other heavy metals.

According to different dosing methods, activated carbon dosing can be divided into wet dosing and dry dosing. Wet dosing is to use screw pump to dosing after mixing with water in mixing tank. Dry dosing does not need to add water for mixing, and it is directly injected into the pipeline through the ejector. The two methods have their own characteristics.

In order to prevent the leakage of fine dust particles, the former positive pressure conveying mode of activated carbon dosing is changed. The activated carbon is added to the silo by using pump truck or negative pressure vacuum feeding technology, and then the dosing is completed by metering and conveying.

The whole activated carbon dosing system is airtight to prevent dust from affecting the health of operators on site; the system is automatically completed by PLC and can be started and stopped remotely.

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