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Introduction Shandong Longantai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, national high-tech enterprises, national specialized special new "little giant" enterprises, gazelle enterprises in Shandong Province, provincial specialized special new enterprises, invisible champion enterprises, provincial "one enterprise one technology" R & D center. The company integrates R&D, manufacturing, process design, project construction and water operation, focusing on industrial wastewater, providing high-value solutions and key equipment for the market.


Catalytic ozone oxdation reactor
A catalytic ozone oxidation reactor is an ideal equipment for treating industrial wastewater. The series of catalytic ozone oxidation reactors produced by Longantai Company feature uniform water distribution and aeration, convenient operation and maintenance, and safe and reliable operation. The supporting equipment is comprehensive, with mature production and operation experience, and can be installed and used as a complete set. They come in various specifications and types, offering strong flexibility. Equipped with an online monitoring system, they achieve more flexible and efficient operation and management. By using the self-developed LCO ozone type I catalytic filler, the efficiency of ozone oxidation can be increased by 2-4 times, reducing operational costs.
Micro-electrolysis catalytic reactor
The micro-electrolysis catalytic reactor can be widely used in the pretreatment and advanced treatment of high-concentration refractory organic wastewater. The series of micro-electrolysis catalytic reactors produced by Longantai Company are necessary equipment to ensure the normal operation of micro-electrolysis technology. The detailed design of this equipment ensures more thorough micro-electrolysis reactions, avoids the drawbacks of weakening intensity and crushing of the bottom fillers, prevents acid corrosion to extend the service life, and maintains lasting appearance and color. Equipped with an online pH control system, it ensures the efficient and stable operation of micro-electrolysis catalytic reactions, saving operating costs.
Multiphase catalytic fenton reactor
Multiphase catalytic Fenton reactor is a new technology that utilizes the fluidized bed mode to allow most of the trivalent iron generated by the Fenton method to crystallize or precipitate on the surface of the fluidized bed carrier. It combines homogeneous chemical oxidation (Fenton method), heterogeneous chemical oxidation (H2O2/FeOOH), fluidized bed crystallization, and the reduction and dissolution of Fe(OH)3. The series of multiphase catalytic Fenton reactors produced by Longantai Company have significantly improved the traditional Fenton oxidation method. They can reduce the generation of large amounts of chemical sludge produced by the traditional Fenton method and adjust the removal of COD by adjusting the dosage of hydrogen peroxide, effectively controlling the COD discharge concentration of wastewater.
Microchannel catalytic oxidation intelligent integrated equipment
The microchannel catalytic oxidation intelligent integrated equipment integrates the microchannel continuous flow application technology and the high-efficiency electrocatalytic oxidation technology. Through the refined design of the original and special new equipment integrating new materials, new processes and new technologies, it can achieve high flux, high-speed mass transfer between pollutant particles, and high time-space conversion with low energy consumption. The microchannel is accompanied by the in-situ generation of active hydrogen, active oxygen, active hydroxyl radicals and other strong oxidizing substances, The catalytic oxidation treatment of various complex components such as benzene series, halogenated hydrocarbons, phenols, monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic hydrocarbons, pyridines and so on in the membrane concentrate with stable structure can achieve ring breaking and chain removal, and achieve complete and fine degradation of high concentration, high salt, toxic organic pollutants in a very short time.

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