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Introduction Suntar focuses on membrane material development, membrane module production, membrane process design, membrane equipment manufacturing, membrane system integration and membrane technology application. We set up the complete “Membrane Application Chain ", which applied in two major field--process separation and water treatment. Suntar is a leading technological innovation enterprise, which integrating the membrane materials development, membrane technology applied in process separation and water treatment, water investment and operation.


Ceramic Membrane and Module
Based on the German technology, through further technological innovation, Suntar developed new generation of high quality ceramic membranes. The membrane layer of special separation ceramic membrane developed by Suntar has high water filtration and hydrophilicity, and still has high flux while ensuring the improvement of selectivity. Therefore, it can be widely used in oil-water separation, pharmaceutical, food fermentation liquid treatment and other industrial separation and water treatment fields.
1、Excellent chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance;
2、Resistance to organic solvent and high temperature;
3、High mechanical strength and good wear resistance;
4、Long service life and large processing capacity;
5、Narrow pore size distribution,High separation precision, Nano-level filtration;
6、Easy to clean, on-line chemical dosing or high temperature disinfection or backpulse are available, reverse washing
Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR)
Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) is a new type of wastewater treatment system based on the combining biological treatment and membrane separation technology. Made of reinforced-support PVDF material (Patent No.: ZL 2012 1 0311762.4), Suntar-MBR series modules have excellent permeability, which are suitable for submerged MBR systems.
1、Strong anti-pollution ability
2、Long service life
3、Special aeration structure
4、Modular design
5、Stable treated water quality
Hollow Fiber Membrane (Outside in)
Suntar’s Outside-In hollow fiber membrane based on nano-reinforced hollow fiber membrane material technology, which jointly developed by Xiamen University and National University of Singapore. At present, Suntar’s external pressure (Outside-in) hollow fiber membrane module have been widely used in industrial wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, reclaimed water treatment, surface water treatment, reverse osmosis pretreatment and many other fields.
1、High strength
2、High flux
3、High stability
4、High efficiency
5、Low energy
Spiral Wound Membrane
Including MF, UF, NF, RO series of products, Suntar spiral-wound membrane widely are used in various industrial material separation, purification process, reclaimed water treatment, desalination and other fields, which has high performance in desalination rate stability, water flux, anti-pollution performance, anti-biodegradation, chemical resistance and so on.
Each spiral-wound membrane element adopts the imported membrane material with high stability. Combined with the advanced automatic spiral-wound membrane production line and advance structure design, Suntar could produce general series products with high stability.
Upgrading and Transforming of Sewage Treatment Plant
Suntar utilizes MBR technology to optimize traditional STP and transforms traditional tap water treatment plant by means of MF, NF process. After using Suntar's membrane module, effluent quality of STP is improved from level B to level A, or from level A to Quasi Class IV.
Graphene Membrane
Based on the patented technology, graphene membrane modified internally supported PVDF has outstanding flux and anti pollution ability in addition to the properties of ordinary membrane wires on the market

Product features:
1. High flux, excellent filtration performance
A membrane frame with high support structure is formed in the graphene distribution membrane, and a channel is formed between the membrane holes to reduce the water flow resistance. The water flux is 1.5-2 times that of the ordinary internal support membrane. At the same time, due to the rigid support of graphene, the membrane wire can keep the membrane holes from collapsing during the drying process to achieve the effect of dry membrane.

2. Excellent anti pollution ability
Using the hydrophobicity of graphene material, the membrane surface has certain hydrophobic groups, which can effectively repel hydrophilic pollutants in the process of membrane operation, and the anti pollution performance is more than 1.5 times higher than that of ordinary membrane wires.
Suntar Membrane Box -- Integrated Sewage Treatment System
The integrated sewage treatment system of Suntar membrane box type (hereinafter referred to as "Suntar Membrane Box") is an integrated intelligent bio-membrane reaction device, which has perfect system configuration, automatic control, unmanned operation, convenient installation and use, and stable and reliable effluent index. "Suntar Membrane Box" can be placed on the ground or underground: if it is placed on the ground, the installation is convenient and the cost of pipeline installation can be saved; If placed underground, the top of the box can be afforested to save the floor area. "Suntar Membrane Box" is applicable to scenic spots, residential quarters, administrative new areas, office buildings, rural market towns and other places with high requirements for environmental beautification, inconvenient sewage collection, small amount of sewage and limited sewage treatment sites.
Zero Emission System
Using the combination of multi membrane technology for high-efficiency pretreatment of high salt wastewater and three-stage reverse osmosis process can increase the total recovery of the system to more than 90%, concentrate the wastewater to the greatest extent and then evaporate / crystallize, so as to realize zero discharge treatment of high salt and high hardness wastewater.
Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant
Integrating multi-membrane technology to treat and reuse wastewater, Suntar has built a number of large-scale comprehensive water treatment plant in municipal, petrochemical, textile and dyeing, electroplating, biopharmaceutical and other industries.
At the same time, Suntar combine multi membrane technology for high salinity wastewater, total recovery rate of Suntar’s ZLD system can be more than 90%. The retentate can be evaporated /crystallized after maximum concentration.
Tap water upgrading
Hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane technology combining the characteristics of hollow fiber membrane and nanofiltration. It can be used to remove the suspended colloid in tap water and remove part of the hardness of calcium and magnesium, ensure the taste and improve the water quality.
Hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane technology is used to replace the original hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane + spiral wound nanofiltration membrane in the tap water upgrading , which could meet the water quality requirements and shorten the process. At the same time, it has the advantages of low energy consumption, high yield, and small footprint.
Drinking water supply
The traditional drinking water supply adopts microfiltration/ultrafiltration + carbon filtration + spiral wound nanofiltration/reverse osmosis system process, which has a long process and large footprint. Hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane is used to replace the traditional process, which can meet the water quality requirements, meanwhile with simple process, high yield, low effluent.

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