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Introduction Mixflo Fluid Technology (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.was established in 2010. mechanical engineer and mechanical manufacturing team, focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and service of fluid equipment and systems. It is the main manufacturer of various industrial agitators and mixers worldwide, and customized the core equipment of fluid mixer, static mixer, high-speed shear, mud scraper and high efficiency sedimentation tank for users.


MIXFLO improves high quality mud scraper
Compact structure, most of the torque is driven by gear, the efficiency is more than 90%, life-long maintenance free, optional manual lifting and automatic lifting, optional high-precision mechanical torque limiter, online torque detection。
MP Series Mixers
MP series mixers are high efficiency, parallel shaft rotation, equipped with two / three gear reduction function. According to the mixing principle of medium and large volume materials, the best combination of mixer output speed and torque is designed.
MD Series Mixers
MD series mixer: suitable for medium and large volume materials, liquid mixing, solid suspension, gas dispersion and high viscosity materials. Transmission reducer assembly frame, frame adopts super large bearing and super long bearing spacing, can bear axial and radial load of mixer, and can bear severe vibration and shaft is not concentric occasions. Most of the torque of the agitator will be carried by the frame bearing, which can effectively protect the reducer. The frame and tank body have their own coupling, so the installation and maintenance are more convenient.
Ultra Effcient Axial Flow Impeller
With invention and new double patents, large displacement, low power consumption and low shear, it is suitable for liquid-liquid mixing, solid suspension, absorption, dissolution and other stirring processes.

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