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Products Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Odour treatment
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Introduction Founded in 2002,Shanghai Shencheng Environmental Protection Equipment &Engineering Co., Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacture and engineering for odor removal facilities applied to municipal sewage plants and garbage processing, as well as VOCs destroy in industrial fields. The company's originally invented technological process----“Puraclean” adsorption/pyrolysis process has created a new solution for deodorization and VOCs removal, which indicates much lower emission level than those in national standard after treatment.


This is a waste gas treatment equipment using molecular sieve adsorption, intelligent removal and high temperature thermal oxidation combined technology, it can continue to meet the discharge of odor concentration less than 200 (dimensionless) and VOCs emission concentration less than 20mg/m3 requirements, far better than the national waste gas emission standards.

A deodorizing equipment used in municipal sewage and pump station.
Under the action of electric field, the ion generator produces a large number of α ions, α particles collide with oxygen ions in the air to form positive and negative oxygen ions. Oxygen ion has a strong oxidizing ability, which can oxidize and decompose ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other pollution factors in a very short time. Moreover, after contacting with VOC molecules, it opens the chemical chain of organic volatile gas, and finally produces stable and harmless small molecules such as carbon dioxide and water after a series of reactions.

The biofilter-bed equipment enables the collected odor to pass through the solid packing covered with microorganisms under appropriate conditions. The odor components are first absorbed by the packing, and then oxidized and decomposed by the microorganisms on the packing to achieve the purpose of odor removal.

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