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Products Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Odour treatment
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Introduction Founded in 2002,Shanghai Shencheng Environmental Protection Equipment &Engineering Co., Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacture and engineering for odor removal facilities applied to municipal sewage plants and garbage processing, as well as VOCs odor destroy in industrial fields. The company's originally invented technological process----“Puraclean” adsorption/pyrolysis process has created a new solution for deodorization and VOCs removal, which indicates much lower emission level than those in national standard after treatment.


Puraclean Molecular Sieve Adsorption/Desorption/Electric Thermal RTO Deodorization Device
Using molecular sieve as adsorbent, various pollution gas molecules are targeted by the set molecular sieve combination, and strive to be removed. After the molecular sieve adsorbed odor reached saturation, the robot carried out thermal desorption regeneration of the adsorption unit, and the desorbed waste gas was introduced into the high-temperature oxidation of the electric RTO to destroy it. The low-carbon operation of the system can respond to the demand for near-zero emissions, and the emission value of the projects in operation is far better than the national emission standards. It can be widely used in sewage sludge, waste kitchen waste, flavor, fermentation, biomedicine and other industries, involving low concentration, large air volume, polymerizable and high boiling point VOCs emission scenes.
High Energy Ion Deodorization Device
This technology was imported from Europe. Using the strong oxidation of hydroxyl ions and oxygen ions, the ions are mixed with polluting gas molecules through reasonable design, and the pollution factors such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are decomposed in a very short time, opening the chemical chain of VOCs, and finally producing carbon dioxide, water and other stable small molecules after a series of reactions. Shencheng has accumulated 20 years of good reputation in the pump station and the deodorization of the storage pool.
Biological Deodorization Equipment
The deodorization process of biological filter is a kind of process in which odor is treated by microorganism with the function of adsorption, absorption and biodegradation of odor substances. The odor first goes through pre-washing, humidification and dust removal, and then enters the biological filter. Through the filter material layer that is wet, porous and full of active microorganisms, the odor is absorbed and metabolized into inorganic substances such as CO2, H2O, H2SO4 and HNO3 by utilizing the adsorption, absorption and degradation of the odor substances by microorganisms, and the odor components such as NH3 and H2S are effectively removed.

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