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Products Treatment of sludge and residues
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Comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste
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Introduction Founded in 2004, JiangSu KuangYuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Da Peng Industrial Park, Tongshan District, Xuzhou City. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, new technology promotion and application, electromechanical product manufacturing and sales. It has been stored and processed for more than ten years and is currently the largest production base for pumping and storage systems in China.


Deep sludge pressure dewatering system
Without adding any chemicals, the sludge with 80% moisture content is dewatered to 60% moisture content, which saves 70% of operating costs!
In response to the continuous growth of domestic new sludge and the large amount of sludge in stock, we independently researched and designed the "sludge physical wall breaking technology + deep sludge filter press system complete set of equipment" to target sludge with a moisture content of ≥80%. Compared with the traditional deep sludge mechanical dewatering, it does not need to add any additives, and the water content of the sludge after dewatering can be 45%-60%; an integrated solution can also be provided to dehydrate the sewage treatment plant sludge after the water content is 98%. deal with. Realize the reduction, stabilization and harmless treatment of sludge.
Our company independently researches and develops the deep sludge filter press dewatering system, researches and develops the high-pressure physical wall breaking device and method + the deep sludge press filter dewatering process to directly dehydrate the sludge with a moisture content of ≥80% without adding water and flocculant dilution modification , No need to thicken the sludge. After physically breaking the wall, the sludge is directly subjected to filter press dehydration. No additives and lime are added during the dehydration process. The moisture content of the sludge after dehydration is less than 60%, and the sludge weight is reduced by more than 50%.
Cone valve plunger pump
The plunger pump adopts high-pressure double-cylinder plunger type, hydraulic piston type suction output, conical directional valve and pumping chamber are completely closed. The hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure gauge for pressure indication and protection to prevent pipeline blockage. If the pump outlet pressure exceeds the set value, the system will alarm and the pump will stop running.
The conical directional valve can achieve the same pressure of the conveying pipe during the reversal, and the material in the pipeline does not return during the reversal, which improves the volumetric efficiency of the pump; the hopper of the conical directional valve is completely closed, and there will be no sludge. Leakage phenomenon; the simple structure of the conical directional valve has a low failure rate. The hopper and cone valve of the conical directional valve are maintenance-free within 2 years.
Single cylinder plunger pump
High-pressure single-cylinder plunger pump for SMP crushing and mixing pumping system. The single-cylinder plunger pump is used to convey low water content, solid hazardous waste, semi-solid hazardous waste, and crushed semi-solid mixture. Material. The inlet is equipped with a double screw feeder, and the plunger head and the cylinder body are provided with mutually matching cutters, which can further cut and crush the material with a larger shape entering the cylinder body to facilitate pipeline transportation;
The inner wall of the front cavity of the hopper is provided with a compound cleaning device, which can effectively remove the adhesive on the plunger. A plunger position sensor is installed on the plunger rod, and the stroke of the plunger can be monitored and adjusted through the analog signal to adjust the delivery volume of the pump. Designed to transport "hard to transport" materials with high dry solids content and high levels of foreign matter (barrels, wood, etc. after barrel breakage).
Double shaft mixer
The dual-shaft mixer is a special mixing device specially developed by our company according to the characteristics of the materials processed by the hazardous waste treatment SMP system. The device is a continuous mixing device, and its main function is to crush the materials of the crusher (according to the compatibility requirements) Liquid and semi-solid materials can also be added) mixed evenly, and can be continuously and uniformly discharged to achieve a uniform and ideal pumping state and final incineration state. On the one hand, it provides an ideal pumping effect, on the other hand, it reduces the influences;
The mixer of our company adopts a dual-shaft structure, which cleans each other during the mixing process, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of entanglement caused by the materials during the mixing process. The materials reaching the other end of the equipment have been fully back mixed and cross-flowed. It overcomes the unevenness caused by the materials added in different time periods, and achieves full homogenization (the mixer acts as a homogenization device and is also a buffer of downstream equipment). It can carry out mixing and reverse mixing, and has multiple functions of crushing, pulping, homogenizing and mixing.
Silo system
The hydraulic storage rack discharge storage silo produced by our company is composed of silo bottom, hydraulic slide rack, level gauge, steel structure and other parts. The rectangular flat bottom is a complete set of combined devices. The design strength is high, especially suitable for all kinds of high-viscosity and bulk materials. The unloading carriage at the bottom of the silo moves horizontally and reciprocally. The wedge-shaped hydraulic carriage is specially designed for viscous materials and can play the role of breaking power feeding. The carriage has the function of preventing the material from collapsing, arching or bridging. The hydraulic carriage can Ensure that the material storage is smooth, the silo cover is hydraulically controlled, and the airtightness is good. The silo fully considers the actual situation of material engineering, and has sufficient strength, rigidity and stability. The inner wall of the silo is smooth and has anti-corrosion coating, and the outer wall of the silo is provided with a rib structure, which can effectively prevent the material from rising. The storage bin has a large effective volume and can monitor the amount of materials through the level gauge to meet the storage requirements of various viscous materials.

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