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Products Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
Comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste
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Introduction Bain group was founded in 1996. Over the past 20 years, based on the product concept of "technology, service, people", it has launched a series of automated, efficient and rational products. The product line involves resource recycling, solid waste treatment, industrial automation and special vehicle mounting manufacturing. Since 2012, we have devoted ourselves to solid waste crushing and sorting, and won the unanimous praise of our customers with advanced technology, high quality service and sincere working attitude.


KE-100 lite vertical crusher
Ke-100 series of small portable vertical crushers are installed by anti-vibration platform without foundation and can be flexibly laid out according to site conditions. At the same time, the energy consumption is only 30% of the mainframe, occupying a small area. The effect of crushing and separating is the same as that of all kinds of mainframe crushers, which is far superior to other crushers of the same kind.
KE-400/600 middle vertical crusher
Global sales of more than 150 star models. Whether small components and household appliances, or large household appliances or vehicle dismantling parts can be handled smoothly. The grinding effect also keeps the characteristics of Ke series grinding with adjustable particle size and high separation rate of different substances.
KE-1000/1500 heavy vertical crusher
Although it has the largest size and the largest capacity in Ke series, the processed products are no less than all kinds of small and medium-sized crushers. The unique 4-6-layer grinding wheel system accurately separates and grinds all kinds of materials in the crusher to the set particle size.

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