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Products Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
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Introduction STF Hydraulic Transmissions Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer devoted to researching and developing hydraulic motors. STF brings in advanced equipments, and all products are featured with stable performance, innovative design and superior quality. The main products contain ITM, STFC, STFDand OMZ Series.
To the convenience of operating, we design our motors to be easy fixing and high compatibility. Our ITM,ITMS,STF,CRM, OMZ series are featured with highly efficient, exhibiting a wide range of speeds, low speed stability, shock absorption, and compatibility with various systems.


CRM Series' Hydraulic Motor
CRM-HA/HB series' cam-ring piston hydraulic motor is what we design for high-end application. With advantage of hollow rotor, CRM motor can be mounted with brake, speed encoder, and some special equipments mounted through the center of motor, according to the user's requirements. It shows its striking features of high pressure endurance, stability at low speed, and high output torque in various inferior working conditions.

Main characteristics:
Strong anti-shock capability and stability;
Stable variable swtich and parking brake;
Enable free running working condition;
Multi-mounting options; hollow shaft design;
Large output torque; wide speed range; directly replace combinated devices of high speed motor and gearbox; compact structure;
Stable performance at low speed;
Higher mechanical and volumetric efficiency;
Reversible rotation;
High power-mass ratio;
High reliability; easy maintenance.
CRM-HB Series Cam Ring Motor
The CRM-HB series radial plunger type inner curve hydraulic motor has a compact structure, reliable performance, and greater output power and torque. In actual use, it can not only replace the transmission form of high-power motor plus reducer, but also replace the parallel working form of multiple hydraulic motors. The structure greatly simplifies the design and manufacture of the main engine, and at the same time simplifies the transmission chain, improves the stability of the overall transmission structure, and reduces the use and maintenance cost. The motor can be directly installed on the driven shaft without the need for foundations, couplings and gearboxes. It provides an effective and reliable solution for heavy-duty applications that have strict requirements on space and weight.
The motor is not sensitive to impact loads and can adapt to continuous operations in various bad environments; for different materials and industrial and mining, the speed and output torque can be adjusted to improve the overall performance of the equipment. CRM-HB series hydraulic motors perform well in a variety of working conditions with their excellent structure and performance, including materials handling, papermaking, sugar industry, chemical industry, marine engineering, waste recycling , construction machinery and so on.

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