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Country China
Products Mechanical-physical processes
Chemical-physical processes
Biochemical processes
Membrane processes
Treatment of sludge and residues
Usage of sludge and residues
Gas generation and reprocessing
Refuse collection and transport
Refuse treatment and recycling
Biological treatment and composting
Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
Comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste
Biogas plants
Waste incineration
Utilisation of landfill gas
Resource utilization of livestock and poultry waste
Resources Utilization of kitchen waste
Utilization and power generation of biomass energy
Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Ultra low emission technology
Odour treatment
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Waste recycling and disposal services
Suppliers of secondary raw materials
Restoration of regional and watershed ecological environment
Professional platform and industrial park
Information technology
Hall E1
Booth K01/K21
Introduction WELLE Environmental Group ,founded in 2003 , is an energy conservation and environmental protection enterprise with core technology and continuous innovation ability. Its business covers Urban environmental management; Agricultural and rural environmental management; Industrial energy saving and environmental protection. It has core technology in food and kitchen waste, leachate treatment, biogas and bio-methane generation, VOCs recovery etc. We have the first-class qualification of professional contracting of environmental engineering and the second-class qualification of engineering design.


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