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Products Treatment of contaminated soil
Treatment of contaminated ground Water
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Introduction Jiangsu Wuxi Mineral Exploration Machinery General Factory Co.,Ltd is a construction machinery manufacturing enterprise. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial “professional, precise, particular and innovative” enterprise.Product range covers six series:environment drilling rig, anchor/jet-grouting drilling rig, construction drilling rig and other types. Among those there are 2 national silver medal products, 10 national high-tech products, and 120 patents for invention and utility model. The registered trademark is “XITAN”.


QY-100X soil and groundwater sampling and remediation drilling rig
Based on the performance of QY-100L drilling rig, QY-100X drilling rig adds high pressure reapir agent spray mould in situ. It can realize single agent and double agent mixed spray repair.This drilling rig adopts the intelligent IOT management platform, which can effectively control the GPS positioning and working status of multiple devices, meanwhile can realize remote control.
QY-100L soil and groundwater sampling and remediation drilling rig
QY-100L soil and groundwater sampling and remediation drilling rig has the characteristics of large torque and high impact power. Its structure mainly includes: impact,rotary integrated power head, transverse moving power head trailer,self-resetting crane, open-close type control cabinet, wireless remote control and electro-hydraulic operating system, double oil cylinder rear rack, multi-anger incline work.
QY-60L soil and groundwater sampling and remediation drilling rig
QY-60L drilling rig combined soil and groundwater sampling and remediation together. Its main function include: high frequency impact power head, large torque screw power head, realization of multi-anger incline work and optional power head mould for repair agent spray. It has electro-hydraulic control by PLC and wireless remote control mode.
QY-15L intelligent sampling drilling rig
QY-15L intelligent sampling drilling rig is a micro soil sampling drilling rig adopted full intelligent control. Combined with excellent performance of micro excavator chassis, it can enter the working environment which is not accessible to general equipment and operators. The drilling rig is dual-use of diesel and electric, under general working conditions it is driven by electricity to meet the environmental protection requirements of new energy equipment. The rig is equipped with an efficient impact rotary power head to achieve efficient sampling. QY-15L drilling rig can be widely used in farmland, chemical workshop, experimental base for sampling work. Its intelligent control mould and information transmission mould can realize remote control and sampling data collection.

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