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Introduction Huihuang Environmental Protection(yixing)Co.,Ltd was founded in 1999. The company mainly produces non-metallic inner-flow-plate fine (film) grilles, non-metallic chain mud scraper, gate, etc. The products have spread all over major cities in China. Our company's products have been distributed in major cities across the country. With excellent design, stable quality and excellent professional performance, our company has won the trust and favor of the industry, and has become the preferred choice for domestic users to replace foreign similar products.


Non-metallic Inner-flow-plate Fine (film) Grille
Non-metallic inner-inflow orifice plate type fine (membrane) grille is a new type of fine grille cleaning equipment at present. It can achieve excellent cleaning effect by continuous interception and removal of solid impurities in fluid. For example, flat solid, weeds, melon hulls, etc., especially the hair fiber dirt which is difficult to intercept by traditional fine grids, can greatly reduce the load of subsequent treatment process.
Non-metallic Chain Mud Scraper
Non-metallic chain mud scraper can be used in various new and old sedimentation tanks, including primary sedimentation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, double-layer sedimentation tank, inclined plate sedimentation tank, API oil-water separation tank, with a maximum width of 10m. The pool length is less than 100 meters. The mud scraper can not only remove the sludge and sediment at the bottom of the pool, but also remove the scum on the water surface. It is suitable for urban sewage, industrial wastewater and water treatment.

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