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Products Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
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Introduction The team of Yurcent Environment is from Aerospace Liquid Rocket Engine Research Institute, which is a major VOCs incineration technology core equipment supplier in China. The company has a Xi 'an aerospace R&D and design center, Yangling production base, production area of 30,000 square meters, more than 300 employees; The company to rotary RTO, zeolite runner as the core products, combined with their own environmental protection and thermal technology expertise, can provide customers with "environmental protection + energy saving" VOCs governance overall solution.


Zeolite Rotor Concentrator
The wheel zeolite rotor concentrator is divided into three zones: adsorption zone, desorption zone and cooling zone. When the low concentration waste gas passes through the adsorption area, VOCs in it is adsorbed, and the waste gas is discharged directly after purification. When the zeolite rotor concentrator is saturated, it enters the desorption zone and regenerates by a small amount of high temperature (180-220 ℃) hot air. After the zeolite in the desorption zone enters the cooling zone for cooling, it moves the adsorption zone again for VOCs adsorption, which goes on and on to purify the waste gas. The concentration ratio of waste gas is 5-30 times, and the purification rate is 95-98%.
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer System -Toptank
Yurcent rotary RTO high-end products Toptank, Chinese ding days, the future of industrial appearance design, advanced anti-corrosion and anti-rust surface treatment project; Select super wear-resistant and anti-aging fluorosilicone sealing materials, top outsourcing parts configuration; Added shell type thermal insulation armor, semi-vacuum thermal insulation structure, thermal insulation energy-saving excellence; Equipped with top safety components, safety control software with artificial intelligence analysis and fault prediction function, safe operation; Mobile APP real-time online cloud monitoring, with high-end quality to give market users a higher end of the choice, to help more enterprises on the road to green development, achieve economic development and environmental protection win-win。

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