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Introduction Shanghai General Fan Co., Ltd. was established in 1968. It started to produce fan in 1978 (formerly Shanghai General Fan Factory).It is the backbone enterprise of producing fan in East China and the council member of the National Fan Industry Association.It has more than 40 years of professionally manufacturingthefan, induced draft fan, blowerandexhaustfanof the “Shangshu” brand.
The company continues to focus on technological advancement, product innovation and the application of ERP management software. Over the years, the company has provided supporting products for China’s chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, chemical fiber, automobile, shipbuilding, environmental protection, painting, HVAC construction,many other projects of well-known enterprisesat home and abroad. Since 1996, it has cooperated with foreign companies such as France VENTMECA and Japan's Ebara Dayan Co., Ltd. to develop and produce special industrial fan.


Features: The fan speed can reach up to 4800rpm, and the impeller is milled and processed from integral titanium alloy forgings. The impeller has high strength and long service life. The casing and air collector are welded with titanium alloy, and the flange connection surface is welded and machined as a whole. The shaft seal is sealed with dry gas, requiring high installation accuracy and good sealing to ensure zero leakage of the fan.
Main use: Used in the chemical industry for highly corrosive, toxic and harmful gas media such as chlorine and hydrogen chloride.
JCZ- №1120A
Features: The blades are directly milled or precision cast, the wheels are CNC machined, and the internal part of the casing and impeller are machined by turning. The overall aerodynamic efficiency of the machine is high (exceeding the national level 1 energy efficiency requirements), with low noise, low vibration, and safety and reliability.

Main uses: ships, tunnels, textiles, fire smoke exhaust, as well as ventilation in factories, hospitals, shopping malls and other places.
CF54- №400A
Features: Compact structure, beautiful appearance, twisted blades, high efficiency, suitable for conveying different media and high-temperature gases.The connecting rods of the air regulating valve used are connected by joint bearings, which can withstand large loads and have strong impact resistance. There is less welding between structural components, making it easy to disassemble and recycle components.
Main uses: Gas transportation in industrial and mining enterprises, automotive coatings, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, building materials, construction, environmental protection, and other places.

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