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Introduction Shanghai General Fan Co., Ltd. was established in 1968. It started to produce fan in 1978 (formerly Shanghai General Fan Factory).It is the backbone enterprise of producing fan in East China and the council member of the National Fan Industry Association.It has more than 40 years of professionally manufacturingthefan, induced draft fan, blowerandexhaustfanof the “Shangshu” brand.
The company continues to focus on technological advancement, product innovation and the application of ERP management software. Over the years, the company has provided supporting products for China’s chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, chemical fiber, automobile, shipbuilding, environmental protection, painting, HVAC construction,many other projects of well-known enterprisesat home and abroad. Since 1996, it has cooperated with foreign companies such as France VENTMECA and Japan's Ebara Dayan Co., Ltd. to develop and produce special industrial fan.


FCF55-800D zero leakage high-efficiency centrifugal fan
Customized products for industrial use, equipped with permanent magnet high-efficiency frequency conversion energy-saving motor.
The zero leakage seal of the fan is a floating carbon ring seal with bellows;it has good compensation performance and uniform end load; the advantages of convenient installation and removal, and no need to remove the impeller to replace the carbon ring.
The stainless steel material of the fan can meet the requirements of conveying high-temperature or corrosive gas medium (titanium alloy, Hastelloy, high nickel-based alloy and other special materials can be used in special cases).
 Main application: used for the discharge of special gas media in steel plants, power plants, energy, semiconductor microelectronics, environmental protection and other industries.
BACF45-1000 Wing type high-efficiency centrifugal fan
The blade is made of high-strength aluminum alloy extruded into the wing profile, which has the advantages of high efficiency, large flow, low noise, and explosion-proof characteristics.
According to the energy efficiency assessment of GB19761, graded I energy efficiency.
The impeller of BACF45 fan is extended with KHF45 double inlet and KCF45 volute-free series.
It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, environmental protection treatment, air conditioning system gas transmission and ventilation.
TY/B-100 magnetic suspension centrifugal blower
TY/B series magnetic suspension centrifugal blower is designed and developed by our company, and the whole machine technology is at the latest level in China.It is characterized by high efficiency, small size, stable performance, long service life, maintenance-free, intelligent and low noise.
This product is widely used in sewage treatment, cement, pharmaceutical, textile, flue gas desulfurization, glass, electroplating, biological fermentation and other industries.
Performance parameters of TY/B-100 magnetic suspension centrifugal blower
Num Item parameter unit
1 Motor specification 100 kW
2 Motor efficiency 96.5 %
3 Inlet temperature 20 ℃
4 Inlet pressure 100 kPa
5 rate of flow 66 m3/min
6 pressure ratio 1.8 /
7 Static pressure rise 80 kPa
8 speed 27000 rpm
9 Polytropic efficiency 84 %
10 noise <80 dB(A)

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