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Products Analysis and laboratory techniques
Environmental monitoring techniques and equipment
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Introduction Zhejiang's west science and technology limited company, is located in the large national chemical science and Technology Park -- Zhejiang province Quzhou City, national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, is a green industrial agglomeration area in Quzhou city and Quzhou city science and Technology Bureau vigorously the introduction of high-tech enterprises. The company mainly engaged in the business of environmental testing and chemical analysis, calibration of measuring instruments, rapid testing reagents, on-line automatic monitoring instruments and so on.


COD Precast Reagent
1. Completely pre-packed reagents, independent test-tube packaging, without the need for self-prepared reagents, easy to operate.
2. Each reagent is uniquely coded to facilitate tracking and recording of data.
3. Operators are safer without exposure to dangerous reagents.
4. The test tube size is 16mm*100mm. The test tube is a digestion colorimetric tube. It can be directly colorimetric reading in the instrument.
5. The amount of waste liquid produced is much smaller than that of traditional methods, which can reduce the secondary pollution to the environment, save energy and reduce emission, and protect the environment.
6. All reagents are manufactured in factory with automatic production line. The error between batches of products is small. At the same time, the artificial error of reagent preparation in laboratory is eliminated and the data is more accurate.

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