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Products Refuse collection and transport
Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
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Introduction Jiangsu wandefu public facilities technology co., LTD. Is a leading provider of hardware, software and terminal products of intelligent sanitation classification system in China. Focusing on the application of IOT, cloud computing, big data, 3S and other technologies, the company is committed to providing the most comprehensive information solutions for waste classification system. National service telephone 400-6211-885.


Resource-based kitchen waste treatment equipment
Kitchen waste treatment equipment using intelligent control, automatic feeding, purification in addition to taste, biochemical treatment and other technologies, and the use of aerobic biological fermentation, through mixing, heating, oxygen supply, exhaust steam system, the kitchen waste in the waste production site into green organic fertilizer on the spot; By means of UV photooxygen catalytic deodorization, automatic circulating water sprinkler and other devices, the odor discharged from the fermentation and degradation process is adsorbed and decomposed, and finally the discharge reaches the standard.
Smart kitchen others 480
The equipment is equipped with AI voice recognition, face recognition, two-dimensional code recognition and other intelligent recognition methods. Kitchen waste and other waste are delivered by real name system, combined with video monitoring system and management cloud platform, to monitor and trace the source of waste in real time. The equipment can be equipped with digital weighing module to monitor and report the weight of waste in real time, with higher accuracy, convenient for data collection and analysis. New technology hard core configuration and appearance design concept make the products simple, fashionable and delicate, stable and elegant!
Garbage classification intelligent terminal
Garbage classification intelligent terminal is mainly used for garbage classification and recycling. It is equipped with digital weighing module, two-dimensional code printing module, video monitoring, etc., and supports face recognition, two-dimensional code recognition and other identification methods. In use, the user opens the sorted garbage and places it in the center of the weighing platform for weighing. At the same time, the monocular camera above the weighing platform takes pictures of the garbage in the garbage bag, and the relevant data and information are uploaded to the management system to facilitate the supervision of garbage classification.
Smart indoor bottle recycling bin Plus
Intelligent indoor bottle bottle recycling bins class PLUS for the kind of recycling and design a new product, carefully designed circular pitch to meet the requirements of class garbage collection bottle mouth, equipment configuration of the professional version of 3288 control system, a 21.5 -inch capacitive touch screen and 49 inch LCD screen allows users to quickly finish delivery at the same time, also can better let the user know more knowledge of garbage classification. This product is also equipped with the function of casting count, casting anti-cheating function, intelligent ventilation, anti-theft, bucket full rate prompt and other function modules.
Smart bin type garbage can KKY
This intelligent device perfectly combines the new design concept with the leading technology, with the exquisite and fashionable appearance design and the sense of technology. The recyclable box mainly collects six kinds of recyclable materials, such as fabric, paper, metal, glass, plastic and plastic bottles; the red box is used to collect hazardous waste, and the box is cleverly designed with a variety of throats to recycle hazardous waste separately. This device is equipped with face recognition, two-dimensional code recognition and other authentication methods, real name delivery, and real-time tracking of garbage sources. Innovative technology upgrading configuration, leading the new fashion of waste classification.
Intelligent recovery scale
This scale is mainly used for garbage sorting and recycling. It is equipped with an adjustable display mounting box. The tilt of the display mounting box can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual demand. The device is equipped with a high-definition binocular face recognition camera, body sensing, and a light supplement. The supporting column is equipped with intelligent code scanning device, IC card reader, two-dimensional code printer, etc., and the weighing platform is equipped with a level to ensure the stability of the weighing body. In addition, in the intelligent scale does not use the case, the electronic scale can be folded to place, save space.

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