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Products Comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste
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Introduction SVL ELECTRO-MECH. (HEBEI) CO.,LTD. is a young company founded in 2016 by elder initiators with rich experiences in waste pretreatment facilities and installations relating to waste shredding for recycling or for incineration in WTE plant, homogenization of industrial/hazardous wastes in different states like waste liquids, waste solids, viscous matter or pastes before fed to rotary kiln for burning disposal. And dozens of waste shredders / waste homogenization installations had been produced and put into operation during the very short begining of the new life of the corporation.


MSW/Bulky Waste Shredder
SVL's MSW/Bukly waste shredders with their patented shredding table technology of fully independent intellectual property features in higher throughput, better product size distribution and lowest specific energy consumption and etc., with comparison to similar machines of waste shredding industry.
Rotary shear for Industrial/Hazardous Wastes
SVL's rotary shears are equiped with patented cutter technology of fully independent intellectual property. The patented cutter design can greatly prolong the lifetime of the cutter knives, significantly reduce the operation and maintenance cost, and thus bring considerable benefit for the end user.
Mixer for Industrial/Hazardous Wastes
SVL's induatrial/hazardous mixer adopts its newly and independently developed blending shaft technology, which overcomes the problem of tangling up on the main shaft by long strips of wastes, is a good solution for this old problem which had plagued the waste disposal industry for many years, and works with less breakdown and higher efficiency.
Pump for Solid Wastes
SVL's solid wastes forwarding pump with its patented horizontal pump head technology of independent intellectual property can greatly shorten the duration for pump failure recovery and significantly improve the production efficiency.
SVL-New SMF(SMP) System
Based on the conventional advantages of the SMP system, SVL technician team integrated its meticulously developed technologies and know-hows for shredder cutter, for anti-winding mixer shaft and for horizontal pump head, and gives SMF(SMP) system new connotation and new life. The SVL new SMF(SMP) technologies and process extends the lifetime of the shredder cutter, lowers the failure rate of the system, shortens the system failure recovery duration, and brings more considerable economic and social benefits for the client and for the society in addition to the traditional "Safe+Environmental+Efficient" advantages of the existing SMP system .

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