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Country China
Products Biochemical processes
Treatment of sludge and residues
Usage of sludge and residues
Gas generation and reprocessing
Biogas plants
Utilisation of landfill gas
Resources Utilization of kitchen waste
Utilization and power generation of biomass energy
Waste recycling and disposal services
Suppliers of secondary raw materials
Hall E2
Booth D28
Introduction Beijing Fairyland Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (Hereafter named as Fairyland), founded in 2004. Fairyland focus on treatment and utilization of organic waste, biogas, landfill gas and mine gas. The business scope involves many activities, e.g., food waste, agricultural organic waste, poultry farms, coal mine etc. Fairyland has a professional service team to provide the customers with EPC BOO etc.After several years of development, Fairyland has constructed more than 200 treatment projects 。


Reception tank with conveyor system
Function:Receving and transporting raw material
Features:1)Multi-conveyors system 2)Automatic handling capacity by independent frequency
3)Filtration pores for oil and water 4)Top cover and suction port for odor control

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