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Products Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
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Introduction Hejian is blue environmental protection equipment co., LTD. Is a focus on waste gas treatment equipment manufacturing enterprise,provides professional industrial organic waste gas treatment in technology research and development, process design, equipment manufacture, The company independent research and development design of RTO regenerative incinerator, zeolite wheel, activated carbon absorption stripping catalytic combustion, continuous efforts and the accumulation of practice experience for many years and purification equipment performance to get the user's trust and praise.


RTO regenerative thermal incinerator
RTO thermal catalytic combustion equipment is a highly efficient organic waste gas treatment equipment. Compared with traditional catalytic combustion, direct-fired thermal oxidation furnace (TO),
It has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency (≥95%), low operating cost, and ability to treat low-concentration exhaust gas with large air volume. When the concentration is slightly higher, it can also carry out secondary waste gas.
Heat recovery greatly reduces production and operation costs.
RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, referred to as RTO), Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. The principle is to remove the organic matter in the exhaust gas at high temperature
(VOCs) are oxidized into corresponding carbon dioxide and water to purify the exhaust gas and recover the heat released when the exhaust gas is decomposed. Three-chamber RTO exhaust gas
The decomposition efficiency is over 99%, and the heat recovery efficiency is over 95%. The main structure of RTO is composed of combustion chamber, regenerator and switching valve. According to the customer
According to the actual needs of users, choose different heat recovery methods and switching valve methods.
Zeolite runner + catalytic combustion integrated machine
After the VOCs waste gas passes through the hydrophobic zeolite concentration runner, it can be effectively adsorbed in the zeolite to achieve the purpose of removal. The clean gas of the volatile organic compounds adsorbed by the zeolite is directly discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney, and the runner continuously rotates at a speed of 1-6 revolutions per hour, while transferring the adsorbed volatile organic compounds to the desorption zone. A small stream of heated gas is used to desorb the volatile organic compounds in the desorption zone. The desorbed zeolite wheel rotates to the adsorption zone to continuously adsorb the volatile organic gases. The concentrated organic waste gas after desorption is sent to an incinerator for combustion and conversion into carbon dioxide and water vapor to be discharged into the atmosphere.
Catalytic combustion
A new practical organic waste gas treatment equipment that combines low-temperature catalysis and heat exchange technology to effectively reduce heat loss and
Energy consumption, while greatly reducing the temperature discharged after purification. Suitable for VOCs concentration 100mg/m3~1000mg/m3 waste gas treatment
Occasions and supporting equipment for low concentration waste gas adsorption concentration treatment process.

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