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Introduction Shuiyi Holding Group Co., Ltd is a comprehensive service provider of environmental treatment and operation, whose business scope covers the fields of deep treatment of drinking water, deep treatment of wastewater, watershed treatment, garbage treatment, ecological restoration, and bioenergy power generation. The group has five business divisions of water utilities, engineering, membrane products, integrated facilities and industrial wastewater treatment. It has profound technical precipitation in the field of drinking water and domestic sewage deep treatment.


SHUIYI Tapfilm ™ Series Nanofiltration Membrane for Municipal Water Purification
Tapfilm ™ Series of membrane elements are nanofiltration membrane products specially developed for water purification field, which are suitable for advanced treatment of drinking water, surface water and groundwater. The removal rate of biological pollutants, antibiotics, pesticide residues and heavy metals is very high, the removal rate of mineral salts is medium, and the operation energy consumption is low.

Special grid design is adopted in the inlet channel, which makes the product have more obvious advantages in pollution resistance and easy cleaning.
SHUIYI Latest Slufri® Series
SHUIYI new generation of Slufri® series MBR membrane products adopt lining reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membrane filaments from new formulas and new processes, the operating flux, anti-contamination ability and service life have reached the international leading level. In many fields such as water reuse and various industrial wastewater treatment, low-cost and high-reliability treatment can be realized.

Intensive Energy-saving landfill leachate treatment equipment for garbage transfer station
For the current condition of landfill leachate from the garbage transfer station in residential or commercial area, Shuiyi has developed the highly intensive integrated treatment equipment, which has the properties of low operation noise, miniaturization and no odor. According to the standardization of production and construction, the installation and operation is simple and reliable, that ensure the Long-term stable operation of equipment.
Slufri-MBR integrated high-efficiency bioreactor(Quasi-IV standard)
Slufri-MBR integrated high-efficiency bioreactor, which can effectively solve the problems of the fluctuation of water quality, high ammonia concentration, and compare to traditional process, it can promote the treatment efficiency of high-concentration domestic wastewater for 60~80%. Meanwhile, it has the capability of better resistance to shock loads and high efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus removal, the water quality of effluent can stably reached Quasi-IV standard (GB3838-2002)
New UCT integrated high-efficiency bioreactor
The new UCT integrated high-efficiency bioreactor, which establish the modified UCT process, and combined the modified MBBR biofilm process, compare to traditional AA/O process, it promote the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus removal, this equipment is easy to operate and stably reached the Class-A standard of NO.1 level.

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