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Introduction Hy-Filter is a technology enterprise with membrane separation technology as the core. The company has constantly made innovative breakthroughs in microfiltration, ultrafiltration products and application technology. The porous separation membrane micro structure pore diameter control technology, polymer material fusion technology and reasonable product structure technology provide a good technical guarantee for the stable and safe operation of haifilte products.It is widely used in industrial wastewater, municipal sewage, landfill leachate treatment and reuse, desalination pretreatment.


Anti high turbidity ultrafiltration membrane element
The inner part of the anti high turbidity ultrafiltration membrane element is a detachable filter element, which has a strong capacity to contain pollutants, a higher loading density than the MBR component, a large design water yield, a small floor area, a long service life, and is suitable for high turbidity environment, such as the situation that the biochemical condition is not good or the water quantity changes greatly, resulting in the instability of the effluent of the secondary sedimentation tank. The front end of hfu-hs module can save the sand filtration and other media filtration, and the effluent from secondary sedimentation tank can directly enter into the membrane module, and can operate stably. It has a wide range of application fields, such as surface water / sea water, reclaimed water and municipal / industrial wastewater treatment fields. It greatly simplifies the pretreatment process, reduces the floor area, looks like the water impact load capacity is strong, ensures the high-quality effluent water quality, and increases the water utilization rate of the whole system.
Tubular MBR membrane
The tubular MBR membrane directly reduces the membrane bioreactor to the membrane module. The membrane module used in the membrane module can be a detachable membrane core. The membrane core can be made into a special structure, which makes the tubular MBR membrane have a strong capacity to contain activated sludge and pollutants. At the same time, combined with the optimized operation process, the stability of the system is guaranteed. The tubular MBR does not need to build another MBR tank, which reduces the floor area, and the recovery cleaning is relatively simple and fast, and the aeration energy consumption is greatly reduced. It has a wide range of application fields, such as landfill leachate, municipal, industrial wastewater treatment and so on.
Curtain MBR film
HFF series membrane components of Hyfilter membrane Co., Ltd. are called curtain membrane due to the appearance of curtain. They are membrane separation units cast by hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, water collecting pipe, resin tank and end resin.
Cylindrical MBR membrane
The new generation of HFC series membrane module of Hyfilter membrane Co., Ltd. is originated from long-term engineering data accumulation. The unique middle explosion structure, non blocking aeration head and the small upper end and large structure at the lower end of the module make the utilization ratio of the membrane module explosion parts higher and more energy-saving; the wider upper channel of the module, the sludge and fiber can be smoothly discharged from the module, greatly reducing the occurrence of membrane module fouling and hardening, and the longer membrane life; the integration of explosion and water collection, making the installation and maintenance time-saving and labor-saving; unique The design of MBR and submerged ultrafiltration has brought innovation and breakthrough to the application of MBR and submerged ultrafiltration. It is widely used in municipal and various industrial water supply and sewage treatment and reuse.

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