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Products Mechanical-physical processes
Treatment of sludge and residues
Hall N3
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Introduction Xinlei compressor co., ltd. was founded in Zhejiang, China in 1996. Xinlei is a world class manufacturer of air compressors specializing in the research and development, sales and services of air compressors. The annual output of air compressors by Xinlei is 1.5 million units covering more than 1,000 different specifications of air compressor including small reciprocating type, oil-injected screw type, oil-free screw type, new electric vehicle oil-less series.


Turbo blower is a single-stage centrifugal blower, which does not need gearbox, speed reducer and coupling. It is driven directly by high-speed permanent magnet motor, and adjust the speed of the motor by the frequency converter. The blower impeller is connected directly to the motor, while the shaft is suspended on the active air bearing.Because there is no physical contact and no need for the lubricating oil system, the air suspension centrifugal blower is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, reliable operation and no need for maintenance in long-term.
Magnetic Levitation Centrifugal Compressor
Permanent magnet frequency conversion centrifugal blower
Air bearing turbo blower

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