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Introduction Hengshui Hongyun Filter Press Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, located in the traffic "Golden Cross" known as Binhu City —— Hebei Province Hengshui Wuyi Development Zone, is the industry's most complete specifications, the best quality, the fastest development of filter press manufacturers, sellers and service providers. Our products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, mining, metallurgy, coal washing, dyestuff and sewage treatment industries.


Aluminum Oxide Industry Intelligent Environmental Protection Special Filter Press
This industry originally contains heavy alkali red mud discharge directly into the artificial excavation of the pit, built around the earth dam, waste a lot of land resources, and easy to break the dam, causing huge losses to people's livelihood, the occupation of arable land permanent alkalization, waste and fall. The emergence of high-efficiency, energy-saving, intelligent and environmental-friendly filter press has solved the problems of dam break and abandoned land resources after successful experiments in this industry. The red mud slurry containing heavy alkali is separated by environmental filter press, and the heavy alkali water is decomposed into clean water for recycling. Sludge is dried into mud cake with water content less than 30% by environmental pressure filter, then backfilled and ploughed, the whole production process is through over intelligent heating, intelligent pull plate reset, intelligent pressure sensing, intelligent feeding process, no manual operation, to achieve intelligent unattended. protect the environment, save energy, for the industry green environmental protection production of the necessary intelligent equipment.
High efficiency and energy saving fast diaphragm filter press
High efficiency, energy saving, rapid environmental protection filter press makes the past direct discharge of coal slurry filtration, coal cake recycling, water recycling, is the main equipment of environmental protection production enterprises. In the past few years, two people were needed for a single filter press in the production process of the traditional filter press, and the water content of the filter cake was high, and the water will be scattered along the road during the transportation process to cause secondary pollution. The traditional filter press has only the end of the feed, Once pull a filter plate, and the current high-efficiency filter press head, tail on both sides of the feed, each pull six filter plates, the number of single cycle increased by 2 times, the equipment compared with traditional equipment, save manpower, less energy consumption, production of low water, high efficiency, so named "efficient, energy-saving, fast diaphragm filter press ".
Special filter press for environmental protection
The equipment is used in oil field drilling site, the mud was discharged directly into the mud pool of artificial excavation before, the drilling depth of drilling rig can reach three or four kilometers underground, the geological structure is complex, there are more toxic and harmful substances, the mud pool will be landfill after drilling, the site is permanently abandoned, can not be ploughed back. At present, the environmental protection department requires that no filter press is allowed to open drilling, only the use of environmental filter press to license normal drilling, this equipment our company has applied for a patent, China Chemical News has also done a lot of promotion and publicity, currently serving in PetroChina North China Oilfield, Shengli Oilfield, Liaohe Oilfield, Xinjiang Karamay Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield, is land and land and necessary equipment for offshore drilling.
Automatic diaphragm filter press
Diaphragm filter press is a filter press with an elastic film installed between the filter plate and the filter cloth. In the process of use, when the feeding is finished, the high pressure fluid or gas medium can be injected into the diaphragm plate, then the whole diaphragm will bulge the press filter cake, and then realize the further dehydration of the filter cake, which is usually called press filtration.

Diaphragm filter press has the advantages of high press pressure, good corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, safety and reliability, and is the first choice for customers in metallurgy, gas, paper making, coking, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, fine chemical industry and so on. Diaphragm filter press has been widely used in various fields that require solid-liquid separation. Diaphragm filter press is considered to be an alternative upgrade equipment for ordinary van type filter press. Diaphragm filter press has a good effect on unit area processing capacity, reducing filter cake moisture and adaptability to the properties of treated materials.

The main difference between the diaphragm filter press and the ordinary van filter press is that two elastic membranes are installed on both sides of the filter plate (the composite rubber diaphragm is the integral diaphragm). During the operation, when the feeding is finished, the high pressure fluid medium can be injected into the diaphragm plate.

Diaphragm filter press used in sludge, sewage treatment, filter cake water content has achieved a minimum of less than 30%, compared with the traditional box filter press, filter cake solid content can be increased by more than 2 times, filter cake transport costs greatly reduced, filter cake can enter the power plant direct combustion, the real sludge into resources, sewage into a clear spring, completely replaced the box filter press
Fast filter press with double-chamber single board
The single board double chamber feed fast filter press adopts the machine, the electricity, the liquid integration design manufacture, the pull plate motor adopts the frequency conversion motor, the structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, safe and reliable. This series of filter press can realize the automatic control of filter plate compaction, filtration, backblowing, filter cake air drying, filter cake washing, filter plate loosening, unloading and so on (the above functions can be added or subtracted according to the specific process requirements). Filter plate using high-performance raw materials, using large-tonnage intelligent injection molding machine once injection molding. High precision, high density, with international leading level. Electrical components and hydraulic components are famous brand manufacturer products, long service life, so this series of single board double chamber feed fast filter press is an ideal filter equipment.

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