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Products Mechanical-physical processes
Pumps and lifting systems
Irrigation and drainage technology
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
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Introduction We are a company specializing in municipal water supply and drainage, independent research and development and production of integrated prefabricated pump station, with a registered capital of 20 million. The company is located in Hefei, the production plant is located in Lujiang Tongda Industrial Park. Our product - integrated prefabricated pump station is mainly to deal with the problem of rainwater and sewage discharge in various situations, change and replace the traditional concrete pump station.


PE pumping station
PE pump station is made of PE material, which is widely used in urban and rural towns, municipal engineering, public buildings and other fields.
Axial flow pumping station
The integrated axial flow pump station adopts advanced fluid analysis, customized production and systematic test. With its excellent quality and systematic integration, it ensures the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the integrated axial flow pump station. It can also realize centralized control, efficient and intelligent operation through video monitoring platform and SCADA remote monitoring platform.
PP pumping station
The integrated PP (polypropylene) pump station replaces the traditional concrete pump station and GRP pump station, and is widely used in urban and rural towns, municipal engineering, public buildings and other fields.
Intercepting well
The integrated intercepting well integrates the functions of river closure, drainage, waterlogging prevention and automatic cleaning, collects data through sensing instruments such as liquid level meter, rain gauge, water quality monitor, etc., uses intelligent control system to judge and control the action of drainage gate, sewage interceptor and submersible sewage pump according to different working conditions, and realizes centralized control through video monitoring platform and SCADA remote monitoring platform Control, efficient and intelligent operation.
Intelligent pump brake
The integrated pump gate is a system that integrates the pump station and sluice into a whole device, which forms the sluice with submersible pump. It is an integrated system integrating various auxiliary facilities such as the opening and closing system, the trash blocking system, the liquid level monitoring, the water quality monitoring, the intelligent control and so on.

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