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Products Chemical-physical processes
Treatment of sludge and residues
Usage of sludge and residues
Protection, development and maintenance of water bodies
Irrigation and drainage technology
Dust removal
Odour treatment
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
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Introduction Thumbs environmental protection is a company dedicated to environmental management, which was established in Qingdao in 2009. At present, its headquarter is located in Tianjin, the National Central City, the northern economic center and the economic center around the Bohai Sea. The company focuses on the R & D and application of magnetic coagulation technology and nitrogen and phosphorus removal technology, and is a solution provider of municipal sewage standard raising system.


Integrated magnetic coagulation equipment (100m 3 / D)
The magnetic coagulation integrated equipment of thumb environmental protection is the modular equipment of magnetic coagulation sedimentation process, and the core technology is thumb environmental magnetic coagulation 2.0 process package technology, which is mainly used in the fields of small water volume, high SS, total phosphorus removal, heavy metal removal, river water treatment, black and odorous water treatment, etc.

The integrated magnetic coagulation equipment has the following advantages:

1. Small land occupation, simple construction and short construction period;

2. Stable operation and shock load resistance;

3. The effluent effect is good;

4. High modularity and high mobility;

5. The sewage treatment capacity is in the range of 4 m 3 / H ~ 1 200 m 3 / h.

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