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Country China
Products Mechanical-physical processes
Biochemical processes
Membrane processes
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Consulting and engineering services
Hall W3
Booth D31
Introduction Founded in 2013, Shandong Zhongqiao tus environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. is a provincial high-tech enterprise integrating technology research and development, project design, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation, commissioning and operation, and technical consulting services.
The company mainly engaged in: integrated sewage treatment equipment, air floatation machine, filter; and successively launched "IBR self response bioreactor", "overseas Chinese tank", "overseas Chinese tank" and other new products.


The integrated sewage treatment equipment is suitable for organic wastewater treatment projects such as residential quarters, villages, high-speed service areas, hospitals, slaughterhouses, and farms. The whole set of equipment has the advantages of short cycle, simple construction and easy operation. All the mechanical equipment are automatic control, and the effluent is stable and up to standard. Through the intelligent cloud service, the device can realize remote control of mobile app and computer web, real-time data and fault timely feedback. Insulation cotton and electric heat tracing can be added to the equipment to solve the problem that the equipment can only be buried in the north cold area. The color, style and pattern of the box can be customized. Our equipment is not only a set of sewage treatment equipment, but also a beautiful landscape.

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