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Country China
Products Treatment of sludge and residues
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Hall N5
Booth A42
Introduction Founded in 1980
President unit of Zhejiang Environmental Protection Equipment Industry Association

Constructed the largest sludge drying and incineration project in the capital (700 tons/day) [Beijing]
Constructed one of the largest sewage treatment plant sludge centrifugal dehydration projects in the world (3.5 million tons/day) [Shanghai]
Constructed the largest sewage treatment plant sludge centrifugal dehydration project in Tianjin (1.1 million tons/day) [Tianjin]

Standard drafting unit of "Horizontal Screw Discharge Settlement Centrifuge" ZZB 030-2015


Green Water Centrifuge is a Zhejiang brand product that has passed the "Made in Zhejiang" certification, with the goal of positioning high standards, high quality, and high-end. "ZZB 030-2015 Horizontal Screw Discharge Sedimentation Centrifuge" is a "Made in Zhejiang" standard drafted by Greenwater Co., Ltd. in accordance with the requirements of "Made in Zhejiang", under the supervision of the Zhejiang Manufacturing Brand Construction Promotion Association and the "Made in Zhejiang" Certification Alliance. The performance indicators and requirements are significantly superior to the provisions of JB/T502-2015 "Screw Discharge Sedimentation Centrifuge", adding a quality commitment.
High dryness centrifugal dehydrator [70% water content]
Green water centrifuge can ensure water content ≤ 70%

Suitable for activated sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants

Under the same conditions, the water content of imported centrifuges is generally 78-80%
Sludge drying and incineration system【1000 ton/day】
The sludge drying and incineration system of Green Water Co., Ltd. is a one-stop systematic process technology integrator integrating research and development, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation, and after-sales service. The new sludge drying machine independently developed by Green Water Company has strong corrosion and wear resistance performance, long equipment service life, long overhaul period (no overhaul for core equipment for 10 years), high drying efficiency, and a seamless connection between the dried sludge and the incinerator in granular form.
☼Improved blade dryer (55-87% water content)
☼ Improved Bubble Fluidized Bed Incinerator (Low Calorific Value Sludge)
☼Disc dryer
☼ Low temperature drying machine
☼Thin layer drying machine

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