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Products Refuse collection and transport
Refuse treatment and recycling
Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
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Introduction DataBeyond Technology, founded in 2018,is a high-tech company specializing in AI and optoelectronic integration-based intelligent sorting equipment. The company's products are primarily used in a wide range of waste sorting applications, including MRF, MSW , WEEE, ASR , C&I, C&D, WRS , and TRS. DataBeyond Technology's solutions enable the precise sorting of waste materials, ultimately creating added value from waste resources.


The AI-powered high-speed sorting robot PiCKiNG·Ai® can simulta-neously sort various materials. It offers the option to choose suction or grasp two types of fixtures.
In addition,artificial intelligence embedded in systems also enables seamless analysis of sorted products, enable the digitization and visualization of the entire sorting process, making the future plants even smarter. The DataBeyond AI robot and AI optical sorter are excellent product combination.
● New Generation AI identification system
● New generation FLYinVision™
● Smart collaboration of 'hands + eyes + brain'
● Over 95% Sorting Accuracy
● Recycling Resource Sorting ● Municipal Solid Waste Sorting ● Food Sorting
Large AI-based optical sorter series
Large AI-based optical sorter series
Applied to the main-line for flakes manufacturer, great processing capacity and stability;
Can be Equipped with hyper-spectrum sensor, metal sensor, fluorescence sensor and laser sensor;
Equip with Germany SEW motor, Japan NSK bearing, extra large metal roller and double layer sorting cabins;
3.5m/s-4.2m /s high-speed for conveyor belt;
Recognition accuracy≥99.6%;
IP65 for electronic control system;
IP65 for valve bank system.
① Large load and large stroke:The AI-based Construction waste sorting robot PiCKiNG·EASY has a standard stroke range of 2m*2m, and maximum range could reach to 3m*3m, and a load from 5kg to 20kg. It is suitable for accurate sorting of large materials in construction and decoration waste.
② Reduce Pre-crushing:PiCKiNG·EASY grasps the big and puts the small, and accurately sorts large materials with a size of ≥300mm, thereby reducing front-end crushing. Small materials with size less than 300mm can be accurately sorted by high-speed jet optical sorter FASToAi. The robot and the optical sorter are used together before and after, and the sorting effect is better.
③ Adapt to harsh environments:PiCKiNG·EASY adopts rigid-flexible impact-resistant gripper design and high-speed motion for quick start and stop, which is suitable for the harsh environment of construction and decoration waste.
Small AI-based optical sorter series
Small AI-based optical sorter series
Applied to the sub-line for flakes manufacturer , economical and practical with less staff;
Applied to plastic recycling centre and material recovery factory;
Can be Equipped with NIR sensor or hyper-spectrum sensor;
Equip with the quality motor made in China, Japan NSK bearing and large metal roller;
1.8m/s-2m /s high-speed for conveyor belt
Recognition accuracy≥99.6%;
IP65 for electronic control system
IP65 for valve bank system

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