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Country China
Products Biochemical processes
Refuse treatment and recycling
Biological treatment and composting
Resources Utilization of kitchen waste
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Hall N2
Booth F36
Introduction Shanghai eltianhe Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. Independent research and development: all kinds of kitchen waste comprehensive treatment equipment, biological digestion activity toilet and other environmental sanitation special equipment; intelligent waste classification system and facilities and equipment; oil-water separator, sewage treatment equipment and other environmental protection special equipment; obtained a number of national patents.


Kitchen waste treatment equipment
In the environment specially set in the decomposition bin of the treatment equipment, the normal temperature aerobic complex microbial flora (#ae-001, which is independently developed and cultivated by our company) takes the starch, dietary fiber, protein, fat and other nutrients rich in kitchen waste as the nutrient source, carries out aerobic respiration metabolism, rapid growth and reproduction, releases heat and secretes various active enzymes, which can be used in a 24-hour treatment cycle It can completely degrade the perishable organic components and finally produce water, carbon dioxide and inorganic salts.

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