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Country China
Products Mechanical-physical processes
Chemical-physical processes
Biochemical processes
Membrane processes
Treatment of sludge and residues
Usage of sludge and residues
Gas generation and reprocessing
Heat recovery / energy production and saving
Pumps and lifting systems
Process measuring and control technology
Mechanical installations and control technology
Electronic installations
Transmission engineering
Other installations and accessories
Refuse collection and transport
Vehicles and superstructures
Refuse treatment and recycling
Biological treatment and composting
Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
Comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste
Accident prevention and safety
Biogas plants
Waste incineration
Utilisation of landfill gas
Resource utilization of livestock and poultry waste
Resources Utilization of kitchen waste
Utilization and power generation of biomass energy
Dust removal
Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Desulphurization and denitrification
Synergistic governance of multiple pollutants
Ultra low emission technology
Odour treatment
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Waste recycling and disposal services
Restoration of regional and watershed ecological environment
Professional platform and industrial park
Information technology
Analysis and laboratory techniques
Environmental monitoring techniques and equipment
Environmental materials and others
Hall E2
Booth C82/D83
Introduction Zhongju Tiancheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yixing, Tao Dou, a beautiful hometown of environmental protection. It is a new model company in internet plus integrated by 9 environmental protection companies from 6 provinces in China. Registered capital: 50 million, now has 5 senior engineers, 10 engineers and 158 professional and technical personnel, and has established close cooperative relations with many scientific research units at home and abroad and environmental protection associations around the world.


Stacked screw sludge dewatering machine
Fully automated control program with strong corrosion resistance
High adsorption speed, high capacity, easy regeneration, durability, developed pore structure and large specific surface area.
Mechanical diaphragm metering pump
Metering pump is a kind of pump that can meet the needs of various strict technological processes, and the flow rate can be adjusted continuously in the range of 0-100%.
Processing and customizing full-automatic drug dissolving device
It can greatly reduce the workload of design and on-site construction and provide reliable guarantee for the quality, safety and on-site operation of the whole machine.
ultrasonic level meter
The integrated measurement transmitter FMU40-ARB2A2 for non-contact level measurement of liquid, slurry and block materials is a menu-based on-site operation with four lines of pure text display. It can quickly and easily debug the instrument in seven optional languages. The menu-based on four lines of pure text display can be used for on-site operation with seven optional languages for quick and simple instrument debugging.
Thermal Gas Mass Flow Measurement System

Directly measure the mass flow of various gases

Directly measure the mass flow rate of various gases to output temperature.

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