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Introduction Guangdong Cirui is located in Songshan lake Park, Dongguan City. It is a magnetic levitation blower manufacturer with an investment of 50 million yuan for the research and development of magnetic levitation fan. It owns the core technology patent and intellectual property rights of magnetic levitation motor.
Magmetically suspended blower,using magnetic bearings an high speed permanent magent synchronous motor, combined with turbine machinery technology devlopment; Friction free,low noise,energy saving and high efficiency, more than 30% energy saving than the traditional blower.


Maglev blower 2.0
Cirui magnetic suspension blower adopts 5degrees offreedom magnetic suspension bearing and high speed permaent magnet synchronous motor, and is designed and developed by using turbine machinery.
Maglev high speed centrfugal blower, rotor and stator no contact, no friction,no vibration,low noise,energy saving and efficient, than the traditional blower energy saving more than 30%;Using digital signal processor system and 5G communication technology, it can carry out remote monitoring, control and debugging.Each technology is stable, reliable, high efficiency integration, user operation is simple.
The technology is movel and unique, energy saving and high efficiency, simple control, wide application fields and broad market prospects.

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