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Products Dust removal
Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
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Introduction Chengyuan is a well-known professional manufacturer of environmental protection equipment, with its own brand.Through the introduction of advanced waste gas purification technology from Japan,Germany and other foreign countries, we have developed and produced professional VOCs waste gas treatment equipment,especially the non pump water spinning equipment, which is a national technical patent product, which has been recognized by many local environmental protection departments, and assisted many enterprises to complete the upgrading and transformation of environmental protection and purificatio


Activated carbon adsorption equipment
Activated carbon adsorption equipment also known as activated carbon box, is a high efficiency, economical and practical purification device designed and developed by our company. It is mainly used in the treatment of VOCs organic waste gas, and the removal rate of VOCs is more than 80%.
UV photolysis + Activated carbon adsorption equipment
UV photolysis + Activated carbon adsorption equipment is a completely independent intellectual property rights of our environmental protection purification products. The equipment can completely decompose the toxic and harmful substances in the industrial waste gas and make the treated waste gas completely harmless by the high efficiency purification effect. This equipment combines two kinds of waste gas treatment technology, effectively improves the exhaust gas purification efficiency, and the use scope is wider.
High-pressure Water Rotation Painting Booth
High-pressure Water Rotation Painting Booth is a new product of our company. The pump-free water spinning used in this equipment is a national technical grade patent of our company. It is suitable for the treatment of particulate matter and volatile organic waste gas produced during spraying. It can be widely used in the coating industry.
Water Rotation Tower
The high-pressure water rotation tower is developed on the basis of water rotation booth. The separation rate of paint fog in this equipment can reach 95% - 98%, and the investment cost is less and the operation cost is lower.
The use of water rotation tower does not need to transform the original workshop of the factory, but can be placed outdoors, using air duct to intervene in the back end of the original treatment equipment of the workshop (such as the old water curtain machine), which greatly improves the treatment effect of paint fog, and is suitable for enterprises in urgent need of rectification and adding environmental protection equipment.
RCO Catalytic Combustion On-line
RCO catalytic combustion online equipment is a new type of equipment designed by our R & D department to absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology, waste gas purification treatment can be operated automatically.The waste gas is pretreated to remove moisture, dust, oil mist and other particulate substances, and through reasonable air distribution, it can uniformly pass through the activated carbon layer in the fixed adsorption bed. At a certain residence time, the organic pollutants are adsorbed into activated carbon and concentrated, and the clean gas is discharged through the exhaust tube.
Environment friendly grinding cabinet
RCO Catalytic Combustion Off-line Equipment

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